How to do a virtual paint party


Changing times calls for changing themes while partying. We are all confined to our homes today because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gone are the days when we used to enjoy drink nights with our friends and spent our weekends window-shopping at malls. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our lives anymore! In the virtual world of today, here come virtual painting kits and workshops to awaken the Picasso in us.

What are virtual painting kits?

Before we get into the meaning of these kits, here is an interesting bit of news for you. You don’t have to be good at painting or have years of experience in painting to try these kits and give a twist to your paintings. These kits will have all the necessary materials that you need for painting. Also, it contains step-by-step instruction from a professional artist to get you started.

What is the use of these kits?

Thanks to these virtual painting sessions, you can enjoy your time with your family as you create a wonderful masterpiece together. Let the music flow while you sip your wine and have your canvas ready to follow the instructions mentioned there. 

There are separate painting kits available for adults and kids; therefore, these kits are wholesome entertainment solutions for your family. These are a welcome relief indeed, as you find a lot of inner peace when you paint something new. These virtual painting sessions give you a much-needed break from your mundane schedule. Now, you don’t have to sit idle within the four walls of your room.

What does the kit contain?

You can get a copy of your virtual kit from one of the local studios near you, or you can buy it online. Regardless of the method, you choose to buy, here are some interesting components that you will find in your kit:

  • Canvas
  • Paints (you will get paints specific to your painting when you buy from the studio, but you will only get primary colors when you buy the kit online)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions in writing
  • Video tutorials (in a few kits)

Have a plate for mixing colors and keep your aprons ready before you start unleashing your artistic potential with the help of this kit. These paints are pretty bright; therefore, it is highly recommended that you wear aprons before you start painting to avoid staining your clothes. 

You can also have some old clothes ready to wipe off the paints that may get spilled on the tables and chairs, and you are ready to host a painting party right in your home!

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