5 Tasks Your Business Should Outsource


Every element of your business’ operations is essential. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to do it all. You can outsource some of the cumbersome tasks and focus on essential tasks.

You will free up a lot of time and resources by doing so. You will also get professional services for a fraction of what you would spend on overhead costs in-house.

Here is an overview of five common tasks that businesses should consider outsourcing.

Bookkeeping & Billing

Bookkeeping is an essential task that requires precision and accuracy as any mistakes, intentional or not, can lead to grave consequences. Bookkeeping, billing, and payroll also take up a lot of time and resources in terms of in-house accounting systems and in-house accountants. This is why most businesses, including large multinationals, prefer outsourcing their accounting to professional accounting firms. For example, most medical facilities outsource medical billing because it is cheaper and easier, considering all the math involved.

A professional accounting service provider will handle all accounting tasks, including complex tasks such as taxes, on time, and without mistakes. This will help you avoid run-ins with the relevant authorities and save you a lot of money and other resources in the long-run.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is an essential task for any business seeking to stay afloat and attract more customers. The digital space has made it easier to market your business, but it has also attracted a lot of competition.

It is also not as cheap or easy as many would think. For small businesses, this creates two valid reasons to outsource digital marketing: professionals can do it better than you, and because it is cheaper and easier in the long run.

Professional marketers have all the resources and links necessary to put your brand on the limelight. You can access these resources, including some of the best minds in the industry, for a fraction of the cost of running an in-house marketing department.

Administrative & Scheduling Tasks

The administration is an essential part of any business’s smooth operation. However, some administrative and scheduling tasks are repetitive and not productive. As the manager, getting caught up on these tasks is easy while other more productive tasks go ignored. This is why it would be easier and cheaper to outsource these tasks.

You have two options for administrative and scheduling tasks: outsourcing to a virtual assistant, or automating using specialized software. In either case, you will save a lot of time that you can use on more productive tasks.

Human Resources

Managing the human resources department when your business is small and starting out is easy. However, it becomes more complex with time as your business grows. It also demands more resources, including in-house HR professionals. It can all prove too much and get in the way of administration and other essential tasks. As such, it is prudent to outsource to a professional HR service provider.

Outsourcing HR tasks comes with more benefits than just saving time, money, and resources. Other notable benefits include streamlining the hiring and onboarding process, tracking employees’ productivity, and managing accounting.

Customer Service & Support

Every once in a while one of your customers (or potential customers) runs into problems that require your direct assistance. This is what makes customer support an important aspect of any business.

People are impatient. According to research by HubSpot, 90% of customers expect an immediate response when they reach out to your company. 60% of these respondents define immediate response as an answer provided in ten minutes or less. These are high expectations, but there is nothing you can do about it except meet the standards.

An in-house customer service department may not be sufficient to get back to everyone who calls or messages with an inquiry. As such, consider outsourcing to a company that specializes in this sort of thing. You will be guaranteed an active customer support line open 24/7 and excellent customer care services for a fraction of the cost of running an in-house customer care department.

Cut the Unnecessary Weight!

Your business should make use of every resource at its disposal to grow and excel. As such, cut down spending on tasks that can be easily outsourced. Outsourcing is not only cheaper, but it also guarantees better services in most cases.

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