Three Things You (Probably) Have In Your House That You Can Exchange For Cash


An unforeseen cash crunch can occur at any time. This is especially true in today’s time when there is looming uncertainty and widespread unemployment as a result of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus.

While there are many ways to earn some money to get you through a cash crunch- you can drive for Lyft, deliver packages for Postmates, you cannot do any of these things right now without putting your life in danger.

Not to forget, you have to wait for at least a few days before you can start getting paid through Lyft or Postmates. 

If you need cash quickly, there is a viable alternative- selling off possessions that you no longer use.

While it may seem like a drastic step, getting rid of things that you don’t use has multiple benefits. The most obvious one is of course, instant cash. 

Another benefit is that in the process of making said cash, you will be eliminating clutter from your home and your life, giving way to more space in your home and more positivity in your life.

If you are wondering what you can sell for some quick cash, here are a few suggestions:

Old Phones

Almost everyone has a drawer that is filled with old electronics like tablets and phones collecting dust. While you may have kept them around to use in case your current phone stops working, if you don’t currently use them, you can sell them off for a pretty penny.

Even if most of these devices don’t work, you can sell them to online buyback platforms and recycling websites for a few bucks.

On a related note, if you are in a serious cash crunch, you can also sell your phone and switch to a cheaper model.

Unused Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for when you can’t decide what to give to someone on a special occasion. Chances are, some of your friends and/or relatives may have found themselves in a similar situation in the past and got you a gift card.

If you have an unused gift card that you were saving for a purchase, it can help you get through a cash crunch. 

Websites like Gift Card Granny will purchase unused gift cards in exchange of real money. If you have virtual gift cards, you can expect to get paid immediately. In the case of physical gift cards, you will have to mail the gift card to them and the payout may take a couple of days to reflect in your bank account.

Kids Toys

Let’s face it, most kids toys don’t have an incredibly long shelf life. Kids outgrow their toys almost as quickly as they finish a bowl of ice cream.

With the advent of gadgets like tablets, more toys are becoming obsolete than ever before. If you have a heap of your kid’s old toys, you can probably sell some of the toys for some cash.

Websites such as Once Upon A Child will pay a great amount for toys in usable condition. Alternatively, you can also list the toys on a peer to peer marketplace like Cragslist or eBay or Facebook Marketplace.


These are just a few of the many items you can find lying around your home that you can sell to make some quick cash. Besides these, cutting your expenses is also a good idea to avoid getting into a similar situation in the future. 


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