Here’s What All Businesses Should Consider When Sending Holiday Cards


Unlike family holiday cards, there’s a lot to take into account before sending a corporate holiday card. From the messaging to colors, businesses must pay great attention to detail to avoid making mistakes that could end up hurting their business. If you’re looking to create unique and memorable holiday cards for your business, the Christmas cards by Mixbook are a surefire way to impress your clients.

In this digital age, you might be wondering whether there’s any need to send holiday cards. The answer is yes! Here are five significant reasons why businesses should send holiday cards:

  • To inspire goodwill.
    • It’s an excellent opportunity to keep in contact with clients and other partners in a non-transactional manner.
  • It’s part of branding.
    • Putting the company logos on these holiday cards boosts the company’s brand.
  • It’s a marketing strategy.
    • Sending holiday cards acts as a reminder to inactive clients about your services.
  • A way to express gratitude to employees, clients, partners among others.
  • Holiday cards are better than ecards.
    • Some people rarely open ecard emails, especially if they have received so many generic ones in the past. Sending a printed holiday card ensures that the person receiving reads the message written on the card

Ways to make your corporate cards memorable

1. Get the branding right

It is essential to choose elements that accurately display your brand. Some of the things to consider include color, fonts, as well as imagery. Try and find a balance between conservative and colorful designs.

2. Consider using a photo

Photo cards are a common approach to designing holiday cards. Adding a photo is an excellent way of introducing your team to clients whom they have never met before. Also, it is a perfect choice for family-owned businesses looking to market themselves as a family-run company.

3. Personalize it

There’s not one person who likes receiving generic holiday cards that are preprinted and sent ‘to all.’ People like to be acknowledged, that is why you should make a point of sending personalized cards.

The ideal way is by adding hand-written signatures. However, this can seem daunting that’s why printing companies will include designs that let you add a digital signature. Also, if you still wish to send hand-written cards, you should work with your team to send personalized messages to specific clients.

4. Take note of the messaging

It is always crucial for businesses to understand their customers and to be culturally aware. It would be best to avoid messages that have a religious or political aspect to them.

An exception will be if your business is religion-based such as a Christian book center, and are sure that your clients are Christians as well. Alternatively, you may want to avoid any religious messages completely and go for the more universally accepted themes, such as “season’s greetings.”

5. Ensure you mail them properly

It would be regrettable to mess up with the mailing after having done all the other steps correctly. First, ensure you write the names correctly. Secondly, update your contact and mailing list.

Also, if you plan on sending cards to clients using their company address, make sure that they are still working there before mailing cards. It’s best to start sorting out your mailing lists early to ensure they arrive at the right time.

Finally, even though sending holiday cards can seem like a complicated process that requires proper planning, it is a perfect marketing strategy that will pay off.

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