Why Child Support Is Necessary


Paying Child Support

If you are reading this, you might be in the midst of a custody battle along with child support arrangements being set into place. For starters, any subject regarding money in a divorce can be uncomfortable and cause stress along with feelings of uneasiness. Just know that these feelings are completely normal, and nobody goes through a divorce battle feeling happy and calm at the same time. When children are involved, the process gets slightly more complicated as you would be dealing with child support payments and arrangements. As a parent, it is vital to keep your own feelings out of the arrangement and have it based around the best interests of your child or children. 

Child support is one of the most important things to consider when going through a divorce, and parents have to agree on who will be paying more in child support and how much that parent should be paying each month. Despite the fact that it sounds like a rather simple and straightforward task, coming to these terms often leads to arguments and disagreements. Even though almost all divorce cases end up in some type of child support remuneration, some parents may be unclear about the importance of this child support money. This article will explain why child support payments are so important and why they matter, especially for your child. After all, if you as a parent are unable to step up and act as one when the time comes, then you might want to reconsider your parenting approaches. Here are 3 reasons why child support payments are necessary and should be paid in goodwill. 

1. Be supportive of your child’s upbringing

Of course, raising a child is probably one of the most expensive things an individual can spend on. It is certainly not easy for everyone to be able to provide their children with as much as they wish they could. Raising a child as a couple is expensive, so understandably raising a child single-handedly can take a toll on many individuals. For starters, child support payments are to ensure that children are taken care of financially, in spite of the outcome of their parents’ divorce. Although the court may have the final say as to accept or deny child support arrangements made by both parents, they usually are willing to approve those made in good terms between both individuals. 

When deciding on child support payment amounts, factors such as income and time will be considered and fairly assessed. The point of child support is to ensure the child has the same amount of support as they did before the divorce.  The parent receiving the child support money has the responsibility of putting that money to effective use. By paying your child support, your child may have the chance to pick up a new skill or buy an instrument, etc. 

2. Ensure you meet your child’s basic needs

The second reason why child support is of such importance is that it ensures that you take care of your child’s basic needs first and foremost. Child support money can be used for anything that is in the best interest of the child such as clothing, food, shelter, education, fees, supplies, and even lunch money. They are a source of income to feed and provide for your child, and hence should not be taken away from them. An important thing to consider is the health of your child – medical bills can be extremely high and it is advised to have an amount of money set aside to be used in emergencies such as health-related issues regarding your child. As mentioned earlier, child support remuneration can be used to pay for your child’s extra-curricular activities such as a sport or camp costs as well as mobile devices and toys, which are given to many children at certain ages. Talking and discussing what the child support payments will be used for is another good way to keep things on track. Working together with your ex-spouse makes the whole child support situation a little smoother.

3. Work to prevent future issues 

Being punctual in your child support payments promotes financial stability and shows your kid that you are willing and able to support them despite the changes that have occurred within their lives. It also saves both parents a trip down to court where unnecessary time is wasted discussing something which was already discussed and agreed on. This limits the time you have with your child as well. There are consequences for not paying child support when it is due such as wage cuts, suspension of driver’s license, and sometimes jail time to avoid having to pay a fine, etc. If you are experiencing problems in your personal life that are affecting your ability to make payments in a timely manner, it might be best to speak to a lawyer and see what the next best thing you could do.

If you are someone going through a divorce and are expected to pay child support but feel apprehensive about the idea, just remember that the child support you are providing is for your kid, not your ex-spouse. Consider the wellbeing and upbringing of your child, do you want them to live their best life? Although child support payments may seem like a huge burden that never goes away, your kids should matter the most to you in the world, and you should never act selfishly when their wellbeing is at stake, even as they grow into young adults and self-sufficient adults eventually. 

Ensure Your Child Has The Best Possible Support

Children of divorced parents should never have to face the consequences of receiving less help, due to issues between their parents. Your child and your marriage problems are two separate issues and thus should be dealt with one at a time, instead of together. Finding the right lawyer or attorney for these matters is the best option, in which they will be able to provide you with the best advice and answers to other questions you may have. If you are in need of help or advice, do not hesitate to reach out, there is always help around the corner. Keep in mind that everything you do should be for your children and that most kids are aware of what and how their parents treat them in front and behind closed doors.

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