Getting Your Agritourism Business Off the Ground


If you’re ready to invest in the great outdoors and build a business that will attract tourists or visitors, there are several options to consider. Based on your interest and experience, you can choose from a number of properties that draw city dwellers to rural areas for a variety of experiences. Here are some popular options to think about.

Teaching Farm

Schools love to bring classes of students to outlying farms to learn how they are operated. Similarly, a western lifestyle ranch modeled for eager students to learn can become your next business. Start by looking at ranches for sale in the desired area. As an example of living culture, students can learn how food travels from the field to the supermarket or how cattle and horses still play vital roles in ranch life today. Families and even individuals will enjoy this type of experience, too.

Orchard Pick and Pack

You could buy an orchard with several fields of choice fruit that can be picked by visitors or packed by a roadside attendant. Apples, berries, and nuts are some of the natural field produce you can cultivate for consumer enjoyment. Picnic tables and grills or perhaps a snack bar nearby could attract families and groups who want to fully partake of a day in the countryside.

Bed and Breakfast

A comfortable, old fashioned inn or boarding house, tastefully decorated, is apt to attract countless guests seeking to escape the noise and pollution of city life. The addition of a walking path, a scenic pond, and relaxing areas for rest and leisure could become a very popular retreat for guests who are celebrating a special event or just want to have some time away from their regular daily lives.

Hunting Lodge

You can find many rustic hunting lodges for sale that are ready to use or can be fixed up fairly easily in time for hunting season. A lodge needs just a basic sleeping area and a fireplace or stove for cooking. Indoor bathroom amenities are appreciated if available in the area.

Camping Resort

Camping at a campground is a popular recreational activity for many families. Whether they pitch a tent or tether a camper, people love to lodge outdoors for days or weeks at a time. Electrical and water hookups are always welcome, but many campers will come whether you have these amenities or not.

With so many exciting adventures to consider as a business opportunity, start browsing quality properties in your area of choice to find a good deal. With minimal improvements, you could soon be attracting visitors to enjoy a delightful time in the country.

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