3 Tips for the Job Search


Most of us have been through the roller coaster that is the modern job search. We submit our applications online and hope our application stands out among the hundreds submitted, only to hear nothing weeks or months later. This is a likely scenario, especially now with high unemployment rates. Competition for jobs is high as the demand is greater than the supply, so it’s important to stand out from other applicants if you want an interview. Below are tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Tailor Your Application to Each Job

When employers read your application they’re looking for what matches the job posting. Use the information from the minimum and preferred qualifications to determine what to include in your resume. If there’s room you can include information from the job responsibilities as well. As best as you can, use the language in your application materials that is used in the Microsoft Dynamics jobs posting. Don’t include anything in your application materials that isn’t in the posting.


You’re more likely to get a job offer if you know someone who works at that company and can speak positively about you. That’s why networking is important. To begin networking, make a list of people you know. List where they work or what industry they work in, and see if any of your contacts work in industries or functional areas you’re interested in. Reach out to them and ask if they know someone who, for example, works in publishing. If they do, ask if they’d be willing to connect you with that person so you can request an informational interview. Introduce yourself briefly, explaining your professional goals and interest in learning more about what they do or where they work. Thank them for their time and ask if they know someone else you can speak to at the company or in the position type. The sooner you start networking, the shorter your job search will be.

Follow Up

After you submit an application, call the contact that was listed on the job posting to follow up on your application. You can state your name, that you’re calling to inquire into the status of your application, and reiterate your excitement about the position. Many people don’t call to follow up, so this will make you stand out.

By following these tips, your job search will likely yield results sooner than it would if you didn’t do any of these things. Good luck and keep your head up; you’ve got this!

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