New to the Military? Available Resources You Need to Know


Recruiters for the U.S. military can be seen far and wide across our great nation. Which seems kind of funny, doesn’t it? Because, since the early days of the country, joining the Armed Forces has always been a proud U.S. tradition. 

Millions of families have passed down a legacy of service from generation to generation. Veterans continue to be revered across the land wherever they go. And recent immigrants are among those who eagerly sign up to serve their new home country.

It’s not hard to see why so many people are so happy to serve. Beyond the obvious benefits of joining, there are so many resources that are exclusively available to military members and veterans.

The military offers some great benefits. While we won’t detail them all here in full, the following represent some of the highlights and the best resources that all military personnel should take advantage of as soon as they can.

Military Personnel Resources at a Glance

The first thing that stands out when reviewing any list is just how many resources there are for military members. From education benefits and a month of vacation each year to special home loans and specialized training, what other career path can offer so much?

If there isn’t something there for you to get excited about, you will probably be hard pressed to find much else that raises your eyebrow in the private sector either. If you have any interest in education, home ownership, healthcare, or leadership skills, there is something for you here.

Fast Track to a Degree

University tuition has been skyrocketing every year since at least the turn of the century. It’s gotten so bad that, these days, many people who graduate find that — due to outrageous loans and debt burdens — they are probably worse off than they were before they enrolled in college. 

There’s no doubt that education is essential. But it definitely looks much more appealing when you are a military member who can take advantage of the GI Bill, College Fund, Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), or Military College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP). When tuition costs are subsidized, it turns a degree into less of a risky proposition and more of a can’t-miss opportunity.

Top-Tier Financial Services

On top of all this, military members also have special access to one of the best financial institutions in the nation. USAA is a bank — and much more — designed to serve those who served. And it offers a wide range of resources that others cannot obtain.

The banking, checking, credit, and retirement accounts are all top tier. Millions of families benefit greatly from the favorable rates and perks. And the USAA life insurance coverage stands out as well. It’s not only available for shockingly low rates each month but will provide lifelong financial protection for your family in the worst-case scenario.

Even More Resources for Military Personnel

This list is of course only a short breakdown of everything available. Trying to detail it all would take a whole book. But the resources highlighted here alone are enough to make anyone recognize that they made a great decision when they signed up to join the military. 

What is most appealing to you? The opportunity to pursue higher education? A quick route to home ownership? Access to world-class financial services? Protection for your family even after you’re gone? Excellent healthcare for you and your family? Learning leadership skills and discipline?

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