How to Support Your Child’s School Success as a Working Parent


If you’re in the common scenario of holding down a career while doing everything possible to help your child have a positive experience in school, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that the obstacles you face are too great. Fortunately, you have plenty of opportunities to contribute to how your child feels about school and get them set up for a lifetime of learning.

Participate in the School Activities That Provide the Highest Payoff

There are numerous ways you can get directly involved in things that go on at your child’s school. Whether you volunteer to help with a fundraiser or agree to come along to supervise the kids in a class during a field trip, those are two of the many options that may encourage you to get involved. Since you have the strike the delicate balance of remaining productive at work while showing your child you’re committed to their educational time, it’s especially important to spend your hours at school wisely.

Think about the main reasons why you want to become as involved as possible at school. Do you primarily want to spend time with your kid, or are you interested in contributing at a community level, too? Answering questions like those will help you balance your duties at work and an educational facility.

Set Expectations at Both Work and School

If you feel guilty and regretful about not giving enough time to the things your young learner does at school, it may be tempting to promise that you’ll show up at certain events even if you lack the confidence that your schedule will allow it. The better approach to take is to act responsibly and set expectations at your work and for your child at their school. Being honest about your availability at the start sets expectations to help everyone involved.

For example, if your child will be receiving an award for perfect attendance and they really want you to be there to cheer them on, start communicating with your boss as far in advance as possible to see which options exist that would allow you to be there without falling short concerning your job responsibilities. Or, if you know that there is no possibility of you being at the school ceremony, don’t tell your child or anyone associated with the school that you will try your best.

Stay Informed About the Curriculum and Processes

Your child will appreciate it if you are in the loop about their teacher, their favorite subjects, and other essential things related to their time in school. You can show your commitment by visiting the school in person and going to its website regularly to get updates. Being proactive about educational happenings makes you more equipped to help your child however needed and help them feel prepared for whatever develops in the course of a school year.

For example, if your son comes home and says he’ll be taking an i-Ready math test next week and feels anxious about it, you’ll be in a better position to calm his fears and talk about how the assessment will help his teacher provide more personalized instructional content if you’ve heard of i-Ready before. Doing research on your own about the i-Ready test also allows you to get perspectives from the students and teachers who have used that assessment and find it helpful.

Besides following these tips, remember to remain patient with yourself and with your child. You undoubtedly have a lot of things to keep up with while managing what your work requires and what your school-aged kid needs. No one is perfect, and you’re bound to make occasional mistakes. Keep a healthy perspective by understanding that your eagerness to put in the necessary dedication is a huge step in the right direction. You’ll learn and grow from whatever happens during the journey.



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