What Your First Steps Should Be After a Work-Related Injury


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No one ever expects or desires work injuries, but they still occur. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3 million work injuries occur each year. That means that the likelihood that you will experience a work injury is quite high. The good news is that we have a guide for you that will explain the steps you should take after you experience a work-related injury. These tips will help you to receive any compensation that you deserve so that you can heal quickly and get back on track after the trauma ends.

1. Report the Incident to a Supervisor

The first thing you need to do if you get hurt on the job is to notify one of your supervisors. The reason is that you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Any employer that has more than just a few employees is required by law to provide workers’ compensation benefits to workers who get hurt on the job. The benefit pays a portion of the worker’s regular pay until that person recovers from the injury. Workers’ compensation covers a variety of incidents and injuries. Therefore, you may qualify for back injuries, cuts, burns and occupational diseases that you may contract over time because of the nature of your job. The insurance company may even grant benefits if you have psychological problems because of your job. There’s a broad range of situations that may fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation. You can contact a workers’ compensation lawyer about your injury if you want to seek professional counsel about your injury and whether it qualifies.

Fault does not play a part in determining whether someone is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You could be eligible even if your actions were partially responsible for the incident. The only circumstances that might make you ineligible is if you got into the accident because of alcoholic or drug-related intoxication. In that case, you will be denied benefits, and you may be released from your employment, as well.

To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you must now allow the case to expire. You must notify a superior as soon as you know that you are hurt. He or she will then document the incident and start the claim if it’s the employer’s obligation. If it is not the employer’s obligation, then you should speak with an attorney who specializes in workers compensation cases. An attorney will be able to expedite your claim so that you can start receiving your funds as quickly as possible. The goal is to shorten the time that you have to be without money while you are healing from your injury.

2. Visit a Medical Professional Immediately

The next step you need to take after you report your incident is to visit a medical professional. Your employer may try to send you to one of their medical professionals. It might be better for you if you go to an independent medical provider. You need to have someone examine you and issue you a diagnosis and suggested treatment plan. The medical professional is the one who will decide whether you can still perform your job. He or she will estimate a return-to-work date based on your symptoms and provide the appropriate documents to the workers’ compensation company.

3. Contact a Reliable Attorney

The final step is to speak to a personal injury attorney before you receive approval for workers’ compensation. The reason that you would talk to this type of professional is that your case may qualify for personal injury compensation instead of workers’ compensation. You may be looking at a much bigger payment if your employer is responsible for the injury you received because of a negligent action on their part. You cannot collect both payment types. Therefore, you have to choose one or the other. A personal injury settlement is potentially much bigger than a workers’ compensation payout. Try researching the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland or your particular locale in order to help you decide which way to go. Taking the necessary steps to find the best lawyer for your situation will help you make the best decisions.

4. Take the Time to Heal

It is very important to take the necessary time to relax and heal from your accident. Listen to your doctor and don’t try to do any physical labor before your body has finished healing. Not being patient with your body could result in further injury. Stay home, well-rested, and let your body recover.

Those are three steps that you need to take the moment you experience an injury while you’re on your job. We suggest contacting a reputable attorney if you’re ready to talk to someone about your incident. You may be entitled to more money or compensation than you think.

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