Best Home Security Surveillance Systems


In today’s world with the advancement of technology, there has been a growing demand for security systems. When anyone thinks about their safety and security, the first device that comes to our mind is CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras. Undoubtedly, technology has paved the way for us to monitor anything from anywhere in the world and thus adoption for such sophisticated security systems has been great both among the government and the individuals. Home security benefits immensely from these home automation and monitoring systems. If you’ve done some research, you know that home security systems and costs vary greatly. However,  as one example, Vivint price is designed to take your home’s protection to the next level for a reasonable cost. 

Below are some of the high-quality surveillance systems currently present in the market.

1. Nest Cam IQ:

Nest Cam IQ features at the top of our list. It presents a sleek and beautiful look with an all-white design and black camera. It captures up to 5 days of footage and has an amazing vision field. It provides a unique, stylish, reliable, and a consumer-friendly device with good quality resolution and exceptional specifications. It records a 180-degree view without any distraction. Some key features include face recognition, two-way audio system, and built-in Google assistant. The price of this product is approximately $356 USD.

2. D-Link DCS – 2530L:

D-Link DCS comes with crisp detailing, clear images, simple, compact, and cost-effective devices offering some of the great features including 180-degree ultra-wide-angle, built-in WIFI 1080p resolution, data storage on local and cloud for fast and easy access. It provides one-way audio communication with wireless connectivity. The product’s de-warping technology is unique and includes night vision features, illuminating the room, and picture clarity. The price of this device is approximately $157 USD.

3. Ring Indoor Cam:

Ring Indoor is a Smart Home and a hassle-free device, which comes with easy installation. It’s a very sophisticated plug and play system. One of the most affordable and budget-friendly CCTV cameras in the market for indoor settings. It comes with a night vision feature to even record in dark. It comes with a mandatory two-step verification and authorization process to provide secure access to your Ring account. Customizable and two-way audio with motion-detection zones makes it one of the best products out there. It’s portable and is relatively cheaper compared to its competitors. It has a 140-degree view and the cost is around $44 USD.

4. Hive View:

It’s a flexible, beautiful, and aesthetically appealing system that perfectly fits into your home. It comes with great design and detailing which can appeal to anyone’s eye. It comes with a contemporary and exquisite design, detachable camera unit, and two-color options. The cost of the device is approximately $196 USD.

5. Arlo Pro 2:

Arlo can provide one of the best experiences in its segment. It is laden with advanced technology featuring innovative multi-use camera systems, alerting, and notification features. It is unique compared to other devices in the market as it captures the only movement. With 1080p resolution, rechargeable battery, temperature durability, and amazing picture quality it’s the best offering in the market. The product records and takes back up on cloud-based storage. The cost of the device is around $430 USD.

6. Hikvision Ezviz Mini Plus :

Hikvision is pocket-friendly, easy to set up, and comes with a high-quality night vision camera. It comes with data storage options including local and other applications like a cloud which makes tracking information easier for its customers. It offers two-way audio communication and comes with a built-in alarm system. It’s consumer-friendly with easy to adjust features in case of any zone movement. You can buy this product for approximately $120 USD.

It is imperative to have 24×7 surveillance in public places, schools, workplaces, or banks to keep a check on the crime rates. There are quite well-known and wide ranges of security systems with wired and wireless functionality in the market, which are of high quality, and are also budget-friendly. 

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