Simple Guide to Working From Home


Working from home can be daunting as you leave your offices and the office environment behind but are still expected to perform the same or even better than before. Adapting to this may take lots of time but with a few simple strategies, you will be able to have an easier time transitioning to a home office. Those intending to start a new job working from home can also consider giving a visit.

All of us have varying personalities, lifestyles, and perform different jobs in our career. Yet even with our varying circumstances, many of the underlying issues we face are the same. This ranges from when or where to work, how to create fences between our work and personal lives, and managing our job experiences in this new environment. Here are some tips for the ones who are lost or just want a couple of tips to help them out during this transition.

Fix Your Working Hours

The most common habit many employees face is working from dawn till dusk. You need to be able to set clear guidelines for your working hours and stick to your schedule most of the time in order to maintain your work-life balance. Nevertheless, working from home sometimes calls for you to work extra hours in order to accommodate a meeting with someone else in a different time zone. When the situation calls for it, try to end the day earlier than usual or start the day slightly later to get enough rest. You can also install time-tracking applications if you tend to lose track of time easily. 

Setting a Morning Routine

Sitting down at your desk and starting work at your preferred time is a given, but it’s also a plus to start your work with the right mood. Your morning routine can consist of making a cup of coffee or going for a morning jog. These activities help to prep your mind to get into the mood for your work to boost your productivity throughout the day.

Make Rules in the House

You may be fortunate enough to share your space with your loved ones or a roommate. In that case, you still have to set some ground rules in the house to ensure that everyone lives in harmony. Think of what are some of the things your roommates do that may impact your productivity. This may be anything from relying on you to take care of pets or blasting loud music from their rooms that might disturb your productivity.

Take Breaks

Be aware of what your company’s culture and policies are with regards to break times and use them. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, treat yourself just as you would treat others by giving yourself enough time during the day to get off the computer screen and electronic devices. You can take a lunch meal and set aside a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day to ensure you’re always energized to be productive.

Get out of Your House

Eating out every day might be costly and unrealistic, but it’s a good habit to try to leave your house regularly. Your body needs to move about and having some fresh air and being exposed to the warm sun might do you some good for your mental health. If you’re always concerned about productivity, take opportunities to run errands by heading to the supermarket for some groceries. 

Dedicate an Office Space

Having a table for your work is not enough as you will need to learn to separate your work and personal life. Most employees will also have two computers, one for work and one for personal purposes. This not only adds a layer of security for companies but also mentally adjusts your mindset between work and play. If you don’t have much space at home to have specific places for your work and personal laptops, there are also many ways to separate your work. You can work when your laptop is connected to the monitor and surf social media when you’re having your laptop on your lap.

Get a Phone Number Just For Work

Set up a second phone number especially for all work-related calls and messages. This helps you manage your work-life balance better as you can put aside your work phone during leisure times.

Socialize With Your Colleagues

When working remotely, social isolation can be a real problem, especially for extroverts. As such, you can make use or start up some chat channels for employees with similar interests to meet up or interact online. This really helps you stay connected and included, as well as have a stronger connection with the company. If you grow to like where you are, you might find yourself enjoying your work more often than not.

Look Out For Training Opportunities

In the office, there are usually many opportunities and workshops for you to develop your skill sets. These opportunities should still remain as your work remotely. You can either find an online course online or look to your company if they have any webinars for you to attend to upgrade yourself. While it may be tempting to ignore these opportunities, for the time being, you may be missing out on important opportunities such as learning from international speakers that were not available before.

Stay Positive

When working remotely, you need to remember to stay positive as it shows through your online communication. Don’t be afraid to use emojis in the work setting to portray the human aspect of your ideas and to remind your colleagues that everyone is still here together. This also helps with communication especially in cases where misunderstandings can occur due to a lack of clear messaging and body language. Having a positive spirit allows you to strive and persevere, reduce workplace conflicts, and creates a generally enjoyable experience for the community.

At the end of the day, figure out what works best for you. These tips are just a guideline or a form of inspiration to make your journey a lot more enjoyable and satisfactory but you need to ask yourself what your job entails and what best fits your personality.

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