11 Essential Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know


Traveling allows you to have a broader worldview and gives you a massive sense of freedom once you’re out and about.

It’s exciting and unique. Hence, it’s advisable to travel outside of the country at least once in our lives. But despite the good things that travel brings, it also comes with several risks.

When you go to a new place unfamiliar to you, you won’t know the ins and outs that make that specific locality run. It’s scary and anxiety-inducing, but it’s not as bad as it might be if you know what to deal with when you’re there.

If safety is always a concern for you when it comes to travel, there are 11 essential travel safety tips every primary traveler should know:

Research about common travel scams

Plenty of travelers and tourists worldwide have been victims of travel scams because it’s obvious that they lack knowledge.

Every country has its unique sights and experiences, and they also have their type of travel scam plaguing its tourist destinations. Doing prior research can help you avoid them.

There are quite a few common travel scams that people from all over the world often do to blindside tourists. One example would be the ones in currency exchange businesses.

Too-good-to-be-true offers, counterfeit currency, and shortchanging are some of the common scams you should know.

Memorize local emergency numbers

Wherever you travel, make sure that you know what the local emergency numbers are.

Your reference should be your place of accommodation. You never know when you’re going to encounter an emergency that needs special attention from the right authorities.

You might find yourself in a panic, which will make it hard to look for help. So memorizing local emergency numbers beforehand is going to help you avoid such a mishap.

You can save them on your phone or take a note of it, but you should also try and memorize it for yourself.

Get travel insurance

Many people tend to skip taking travel insurance because they believe it to be a scam or because they don’t want the additional cost. However, there are some cases where travel insurance is a no-brainer and should be spent without hesitation.

Travel insurance helps you financially, in case you want to cancel or reschedule a flight. It will also help you medically if you get yourself in an emergency from outside the country.

Travel insurance is also a huge help when you lose your luggage in transit, and you can get compensated for it just in case.

Keep your valuables close

When you’re packing your items, make sure that all the critical things are in your carry-on luggage. Your check-in luggage has a high possibility of getting lost in transit, and you wouldn’t want to be someplace foreign without your wallet or documentations.

Therefore, you should always keep your valuables close. Some of the items that you should always have with you are:

  • Your passport
  • Other travel documents
  • Crucial medication
  • Phone and charger
  • Your wallet and keys
  • Extra change of clothes

Having these valuables with you ensures that losing your check-in luggage won’t paralyze you completely.

Also, if you’re sleeping in a hostel or dorm room of sorts, you should sleep with your valuables in your pillowcase. That way, your essential items are close and nobody can take it from you without waking you up.

Blend in

If you don’t do an excellent job of trying to blend in, you might catch some hoodlums looking to victimize a tourist who doesn’t know any better. Therefore, as much as possible, you have to try and blend in.

Of course, blending in can be limited, depending on where you’re going. The least you can do is act and dress in a way that doesn’t make you look like you’re carrying large amounts of cash with you at all times.

You should also avoid looking like you don’t know what you’re doing because someone might take advantage of that and scam you.

Be careful with what you eat

Food poisoning is a massive concern for travelers. You can’t guarantee the cleanliness of some cheaper local restaurants. However, you can enjoy street food from places that are popular for their street food culture.

If you don’t have the stomach for street food, you might want to skip it to be safe.

Drink responsibly

You’re going to be more vulnerable if you go out drinking, especially if you don’t have anyone you trust.

As much as possible, don’t drink too much so that you can remain vigilant. It doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of a drink, but you shouldn’t drink an amount that you can’t manage.

Learn basic self-defense

Taking a short self-defense class leading up to your trip can equip you with simple actions that will make you more confident. In case someone tries to mess with you, you can at least stand a chance against them with your self-defense abilities.

Plus, knowing that you have the skills to protect yourself will make you more confident, which could drive away people looking for low-hanging fruit.

Use ATMs wisely

Some people tweak ATMs, which will make your credit or debit card susceptible to attack. Therefore, you should double-check your ATM before using it to ensure that no one’s tampered with it.

Also, you should always be aware of your surroundings, so you know that no one is getting too close or trying to get your PIN.

Pack a first-aid kit

In case of emergencies, you want to pack a first-aid kit with you.

You don’t have to bring out a full surgical tool set with you. All you need are the essentials, including your medications.

It would be best if you focused on treating common injuries and illnesses that you might encounter during your travel.

Trust your instincts

If you feel that a situation, a place, or a person is giving you bad vibes, don’t hesitate to avoid them immediately.

There’s no room for politeness when you feel that you’re in danger. Trust your instincts and make sure that you stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings wherever you go.

Over to You

Traveling is fun, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t prepare yourself beforehand.

The 11 safety tips are all basic ideas that will help you stay safe, and it’s something that anyone who travels should keep in mind.

If you’re traveling soon, then take note of these safety tips. Stay vigilant and be safe.

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