5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Life Coach


There’s no denying of the fact, coaching is one of the fastest-growing businesses across the world. Because such people can have a strong impact on an individual’s life, more young people are willing to hire a life coach for sifting through the right direction in life. So before you decide to hire a life coach, here are a few things to consider:

1. Experience

The first and most obvious thing to consider is the experience of your prospective life coach. Not to forget, coaching is an art that improves as someone teaches several people. So hiring a newbie won’t be a good choice for you. Visit the life coaching college, if you want to hire a professional coach. Visit their website to know about the different services they have to offer. Unless you aren’t sure about the experience of an individual, don’t risk hiring them. Settling for someone who has no hands on experience of this job will only cause more damage to your career.

2. Qualifications

More than anything, you need to be wise enough when shortlisting different life coaches according to their academic qualifications. Not to forget, several life coaching programs are offered to aspirants all across the globe. So if you’re considering a particular candidate for this job, ask them to produce the certificate of their life coaching program. Because coaching is a thriving industry, people are taking online courses and attending classes to get better at this art.

3. Online Portfolio

When you talk to a prospective life coach, request them to send you the link to their online portfolio. The reason why we’re recommending you to visit their online portfolio is that you will be able to walk through client reviews over there. When you’re skeptical about buying a new product or service online, always read customer reviews as they help in shaping your buying decision. Similarly, when you’re looking for a life coach, don’t forget to read the customer reviews online.

4. Fees

Many times, students and coaches get in trouble when they don’t get on friendly terms concerning their finances. Especially when you’re working with someone for the first time, it is tough to ask for writing in the paper. However, there’s no need to be shy about this because it is better to do it instead of fighting later. Whatever the total amount, you need to decide about whether or not to pay in installments and how to pay the coach. This will clear all kinds of differences in your mind and the other person’s mind.

5. Documents

Because life coaching has gained massive popularity as a profession, many fraudsters have jumped in to claim opportunity. Such people acknowledge themselves as a life coach and aren’t even certified. They only run after the young students in the pursuit of earning money and looting them. If you ask them about their documents, they will hardly provide you any. So when you decide to hire a life coach, always make sure the person has all the necessary documents with them.


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