Easier to Beat an Online or Traditional Casino?


Though there are pros and cons of playing both online and in traditional casinos, it has become increasingly difficult to cheat in either location, to the point where it is basically impossible. But why is this the case? 


The RNG or Random Number Generator is responsible for keeping the casinos like Toppspilleautomater.com safe and preventing cheating from occurring whether a player is attempting to do so in a traditional casino setting or via an online casino.  The RNG is a code that is created by an internal computer and it knows whether a player is going to win or not before the player does.  There is no way of being able to sway the code that is created by the RNG so it can never be overridden.  The RNG used on an online casino or a traditional casino game does not care who you are, how long you have been playing a specific game for, or how much money you have entered into a game – it does not use any of this information to decide whether you win.  Actually, it creates a brand new code and sees you as a completely new player every single time a code is created, so for games like slots, every time you spin the reel, to the RNG you are a new player entirely. 

The Pros of Online Casinos

Players enjoy using the online casinos because they offer such a broader range of different games, themes and casino options to choose from.  There are lots of different ways in which bets can take place and different levels of bets can be opted for depending on the size of a players’ bankroll. Online casino games can be played at any time and from any location, as well as being able to be accessed from many different devices, such as mobiles, Smartphones and laptops.  This increases the accessibility and convenience levels as they are so very flexible for when players want to play their chosen online casino games.  These are the reasons as to why online casinos have become the method of choice for playing online combined with the fact that the players and the casinos know that they are protected because the games cannot be cheated due to the RNG. 

The Pros of Traditional Casinos

Traditional casinos are loved because they make an actual event of playing casino games.  You have to set aside allotted time to be able to attend the casino of your choice, and though you may be limited as to what games you can play, you may just find an unexpected favourite.  Cheating is prevented both due to the RNG’s in place and with the help of security staff physically walking around bricks and mortar casinos looking out for any unwanted behaviour.  The atmosphere in a traditional casino is what is lacking when people play online and the physical use of the machines, such as the pulling of levers, rolling dice, or turning over the cards, but attending traditional casinos isn’t always easy or legal for every gambling lover.

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