The Best Money Life Ever:5 Tips for a Great Financial Lifestyle


Did you know that American households share an approximate $31.21-plus trillion in debt? Yikes! That’s a scary number, but fortunately, that debt is shared among 300 million individuals.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that many individual Americans are drowning in debt – so much that they are convinced they’ll never be able to get out of it, even in years’ time.

Debt may be a difficult thing to overcome, but it’s most definitely not impossible. It will, though, make you feel stressed and a little lost.

If you’re feeling that way, not to worry. Below are some great tips to help you conquer debt, all while reaching towards better finances in general.

1. Budget, Even When You Don’t Have to.

People mistake budgeting as only being for the poor. Even if you make good income but still struggle with money, budgeting can be a great tool to help you take charge of your finances. It involves watching not only how much money is coming in but also watching where it’s all going, to what, how much, and how you may be able to reduce costs to leave you with a thicker wallet.

2. Stay Out of the Stores.

Obviously, there are some stores you’re going to have to shop at, whether online or in person. But think about it: there are many stores you might walk into that are merely for pleasure. Your favorite clothing store, a random trinket store in the mall, a luxury shoe store, you get my drift.

One of the best ways to save a bit of cash? Stay out of the stores you don’t need to go into! If you aren’t able to see all of the cool, new additions you can purchase, there’s less of a risk for you to impulse buy something you don’t need.

3. Kickstart an Emergency Fund.

We all like to believe nothing could ever happen to us or our loved ones. In reality, little emergencies happen all the time. You don’t have to break an arm or be in a car accident to be considered dealing with an emergency. Emergencies can also mean a flat tire, the need for medication for an infection, or even an AC repair, all of which are unexpected and cost money.

That said, get that emergency fund going. It’ll do you well financially in the event that an emergency suddenly arises.

4. Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails and Social Media Pages.

It’s tempting to follow your favorite brand on Instagram or subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite chain store, but it can also cause financial troubles in the form of being enticed by new, exciting products. If you happen to be easily swayed by these emails and/or social media postings, best advice is to steer clear of them.

5. Save Every Little Bit That You Can.

You can never save too much money, that is, as long as you have your bills paid and other expenses taken care of. Even if you can only put a tiny portion of your check towards savings, your savings account will surely grow overtime and assist you later down the road when you happen to need that money.

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Debt is something a majority of us will encounter at some point in time. Others, even outside of debt, may struggle in general with their finances for various reasons. Although finances can be rough for a lot of people, there’s still hope. Taking on the previous tips can help just about anyone get back on good financial ground.

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