Self-Care Like The Stars


Work-life balance has never been an easy feat, especially now that everyone’s office is right in their home. From insomnia, lack of motivation, to stress and anxiety, many employees are feeling the negative impacts of working during a crisis. But where to turn when cabin fever and work-burnout are setting in? Why not look to your routine for some wellness salvation.

Due to the convenience working from home brings (yes we’re talking about just rolling out of bed and turning on your computer) the opportunity to skip your morning, evening, or ritual self-care routines take a back seat. These routines may include a light morning run, an annual coffee break, or even a nighttime skincare routine. These habits while simple can be vital to keeping your mental space clear and allowing yourself to recharge properly. 

Instead of letting yourself lean into the convenience of working from home, incorporate some wellness strategies to add some structure to your daily routine that positively impact your overall wellbeing. When creating a new schedule of self-care, remember there’s no “right way” to practice self-care, but instead focus on being kind to yourself and seek out holistic strategies that will make you feel your best. 

For some inspiration, the folks at Tommy John rounded up top self-care tips from self-care savvy celebs who are known for their success in business and a killer self-care routine. Explore why some of our favorite famous female business moguls and stars have publicly shared the power of nurturing their minds and bodies daily and the positive impacts they’ve seen from doing so. Luckily, you don’t need Beyoncé’s budget or Michelle Obama’s network to implement some of these self-care practices in your own life. Check out their visual below and get started creating a self-care routine that will bring a boost of energy and clarity back into your work from home routine! 

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