7 Simple Ways to Attract the Best Candidate for Your Job Opening


Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a growing business approaching the staffing process for the first time or you’re a seasoned hiring manager, recruiting the “best-fit” candidate for your job opening is tricky. But it doesn’t have to be a painful or time-consuming process. Below, we will explore seven tips that will simplify and streamline your hiring process.

1. Define Your “Best-Fit” Candidate

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you know when you find it? Start by crafting your ideal candidate persona. What skills will they have? What does their education and work experience look like? Keep in mind your company’s culture — the “best-fit” candidate will have core values that are in line with the business’s. 

With a checklist in mind, it will be much easier to weed out candidates who don’t meet your criteria, leading you to a pool of candidates who match the position’s requirements and the company culture. 

2. Craft a Clear and Detailed Job Description

Explain the position’s role and responsibilities with clarity and transparency. An overly complex job listing will exhibit a lack of organization on your part, which is a major turn-off for suitable candidates. In brief and concise language, describe the work environment and potential challenges. You can get a little creative and demonstrate your company’s culture and voice to help the candidate picture themselves as a future employee.

3. Build Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand plays an essential, strategic role in attracting qualified candidates. To build and strengthen your employer brand, start by evaluating your company’s current reputation. Tracking Glassdoor reviews from current and previous employees is one way to get a sense of how your business is perceived by the local workforce. When you see a negative review, post a carefully crafted response describing what actions your company is taking to address those specific criticisms. This shows that you are an employer who is willing to listen mindfully. 

4. Streamline Your Career Webpage 

Job applicants prefer a simple and streamlined career page on your website. Make your website as user-friendly as possible — the fewer clicks needed to apply the better. 

5. Strengthen Your First Impression

First impressions aren’t a one-way street. You expect an applicant to make a good first impression, and you can do the same. Your digital first impression comprises everything listed above: the job description, your website’s career page, Glassdoor reviews, and much more. 

6. Simplify Your Application Process

Analyze every step of your company’s application process and ask yourself: Can the candidate easily and intuitively begin the process from the careers webpage? Can they upload their resume or do they need to retype all the information? How do you as the recruiter or hiring manager ensure that the process moves along smoothly? Make sure that next steps are always communicated clearly. 

7. Use Recruitment Software to Make the Search More Efficient

A trustworthy recruitment software can streamline the hiring process even further, ensuring that qualified, “best-fit” applicants don’t fall through the cracks. The best recruitment software allows hiring managers to establish and maintain contact with the best candidates, utilizing candidate matching, customer relations management, a career portal, and VMS synchronization for an intuitive, streamlined approach to staffing. 


With the right preparation, training, and technology, staffing your business with the right people is easier than ever. Just remember to keep it simple, know what you’re looking for, and take advantage of highly efficient recruitment software. 


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