Expert bingo tips


Bingo has been played in some shape or form since the 16th century, with a lottery in Venice called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia widely being acknowledged to be the earliest example of a game that resembled bingo. Since then it has spread across the world with a crazy amount of force, something that is confirmed when you witness the fact that over a million people end up playing bingo in some shape or form every single week. 

And can you blame them? has always been a huge amount of fun, however these days things like bingo club nights and online bingo have made the game a lot more fun for so many other demographics. It truly does seem as though you cannot get away from bingo in the 21st century, so you may as well learn how to win, right? Read ahead for an article that covers some expert bingo tips.

If you play online make sure you can trust the site 

The emergence of online bingo over the last few decades has had a huge impact on the amount of people playing the game, as many more would-be bingo players who were not able to visit physical bingo halls can now play from the comfort of their own homes over the Internet. This has also resulted in the formation of hundreds more online bingo sites ready to capitalise. 

Now, whilst this is predominantly a great thing, it does mean that bingo players have to be more selective when playing. The first expert bingo tip is simply to find a site you can trust if you are going to play online bingo – it’s a no brainer! 

Have several scorecards 

According to the laws of probability during bingo, the more scorecards you manage to acquire for yourself, the bigger your chances of winning. It therefore follows that a great bingo tip is to try and get your hands on as many scorecards as possible, as this will necessarily increase your odds of winning. 

But here’s the thing: too many scorecards can get mighty confusing, and can be more detrimental than helpful if it means you end up missing numbers that you should be crossing off, so be careful.

Keep alert and concentrated 

This plays into the last point: if you are going to try and get several different scorecards, it is essential that you keep as alert and concentrated as you possibly can, otherwise you are bound to be missing things. We wouldn’t recommend playing bingo if you are too tired, for example, you might miss out on a win! 

Make sure you stay within budget 

Even on bingo you simply must be setting yourself a budget and keeping to it each time you play, otherwise you could very quickly run into some potential financial difficulties. Moreover, you simply will not be able to play bingo for many sessions if you keep spending all of your money on one. It’s not rocket science!

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