Balancing Work and New Baby: Smart Tips To Follow


Most working moms experience different emotions as the maternity leave comes to an end. You may be excited to meet up with colleagues after many months, but feelings of sadness are inevitable. All in all, juggling work and family responsibilities isn’t easy. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to stay in control and attend to your tasks with ease.

Here are tips to help you out:

1. Plan for childcare in advance

A reliable childcare service is essential for all working moms. You don’t want to miss work simply because you have no one to help care for your baby. Interview nannies way before your leave expires. This way, you’ll have time to get the most suitable caregiver and develop confidence before you resume work. Better still, have someone who can care for your baby in case your caregiver leaves unexpectedly.

2. Design a calendar for guidance

A calendar helps you to stay organized. Have somewhere where you can record your work schedule and family tasks. It will help you know your weekly chores, and keep your caregiver updated. It will also help you to prioritize depending on the urgency of the tasks. Create one that you can access on your phone, and even hang it in the kitchen. 

3. Plan ahead

 Planning helps in better time management and avoids stress. It’ll help you prioritize, handle your tasks better, and make the most out of the limited time. And this makes it easier to attend to things like laundry, office tasks, and meal preparation. 

Besides, preparing your food at home will improve your health and that of your baby. Proper planning allows you to source the best baby food or formula in advance. And this ensures that your baby stays healthy. Visit which offers known formula brands.

4. Set a sleep routine for your baby

A bedtime routine encourages your baby to sleep better. If your baby doesn’t sleep well, they will be overtired and likely to wake up several at night. And this means you won’t sleep well either. Have your baby sleep or nap at the same time each day, which will save you a lot of stress. 

5. Sleep adequately

Sleep deprivation can affect your body; adversely, it will also make you feel exhausted and sluggish. It will also make you less productive and unable to accomplish most of the critical tasks at work. As if that’s not enough, sleep deprivation can increase your caloric intake, making it hard to lose weight.

Here are simple things that can help you deal with hunger issues.

Water– Drinking enough water will fill you up, making you less likely to overindulge. It also won’t load you up with calories.

Protein– Proteins are hunger- quenching micronutrients that consist of protein, carbs, and fats.

Eating a high protein diet will keep your appetite in check, making you unlikely to overeat.

Fiber– Contains lower amounts of calories, and will help fill you up quickly. Fiber-rich foods can slow down your blood sugar after meals, and this helps manage insulin resistance.

6. Set a time for yourself

It’s not easy to manage work and a new baby, and you need time to recharge. Have your spouse care for the baby as you go to the salon, gym, or out with friends. Set time aside time to meet other working moms, and you’ll get practical ideas to help you manage better.

Final thoughts

 Being a new working mom isn’t easy. But, it’s doable, all you need is to plan your time well, have adequate rest, and consider the above ideas. By so doing, your routine will be more enjoyable than you ever thought.


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