Work-Life Balance Being a Pet Owner: What Should You Know


Owning a pet is a pleasurable thing. A pet can improve different aspects of your life; if all you need is unconditional love, they will give it to you, and more. Although you may love being with your pet throughout, you’ll have to go to work at some point. Balancing work and pet ownership isn’t easy. Your pet may feel lonely and anxious, and it’s good to strike a balance between work and caring for your pet. 

Here are things you should know:

1. Deal with separation anxiety before it happens

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to anxiety than others. For instance, border collies, labs, and German shorthair pointers tend to suffer more. The common signs of separation anxiety are, pooping in the house, barking unnecessarily, tearing furniture and clothes, running away, and licking obsessively. If your pet exhibits such symptoms, CBD oil for dogs may be the best remedy. It will calm them down, making the pet more comfortable.

 Also, ensure that your pet exercises a required, and engage them in exercises that will make them feel tired. These can include playing with a ball, swimming, playing tug of war, going for a walk, and more. By so doing, your pet will comfortably sleep when you’re gone. Give a special treat before leaving, and they will associate, leaving with sweet things.

2. Hiring a pet walker is a great idea.

Most dogs feel lonely when you’re away, and leaving them alone isn’t the best decision. Moreover, pets require some amount of exercise, and hiring a dog walker is an excellent idea. It works well for pet owners who work the entire day or has an 8 AM to 5 PM schedule.

Where can I get a professional dog walker? There are many websites and apps that you can use to get a dog walker near you. But, if your dog loves being around others, and gets along well with them, a doggy daycare will work.

3. Keep your pet occupied when away from home.

Your pet is likely to feel lonely when you’re at work, but there are many ways to keep them entertained. Supply your pet with enough toys, play structures and treats, distract them, and keep them amused. Also, leave enough food and drinking water, which ensures that your pet stays full and hydrated. If you’re feeling guilty, leaving your pet all alone, leave the TV on, and it will create the illusion that someone is at home.

4. Your pet needs company- Get a pet a companion

 We all love being in the company of others, and your pet is no exception. If you have the money and space, acquire another pet. Having two pets in the house is away, giving your pet the much-desired company. You can also talk to your neighbour and arrange to leave the pets together while at work.

5. Let go of the guilt!

Most pet lovers have issues leaving their pets every morning, and they feel so guilty about doing this. Your pet can’t tell the time of the day, and won’t be upset by your leaving. Besides, most pets sleep while you’re away so that they can experience the excitement associated with returning. So, don’t let this pull you down, there are various ways to make your pet comfortable. 


Balancing work and caring for your pet can be tasking. Your pet demands a lot for attention, just like your work does. Your pet can be lonely and even suffer from anxiety when you’re not home. But, there are various strategies that you can employ to make them more comfortable even when you’re away.

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