4 Tips for Being a Digital Nomad in an RV


If you were to ask any person who works in the office from 9 to 5 whether they would like to work from home for a month or two, chances are that most of them would jump to the opportunity. Those who have small children or live with their parents or just can’t find a peaceful corner to work would, of course, dislike the idea, but how about working from a café or a library?

And now, how about leaving (most of) the civilization behind, find a spot in nature or some secluded beach and live and work there – does that sound better? The development of technology has given birth to a new profession, a digital nomad, who has the freedom to roam and live anywhere while earning a living. So, let’s see what you would need to live such a life.

The question of internet

If you want to live in nature or just save up on your rents, you would naturally need an RV that you can fit into your budget. Besides that, consider whether you would prefer to live in an RV camp or somewhere more secluded. Regardless of your preference, do some research and pick a spot where you and your RV will settle, at least for a while.

However, that is not the most important part of this pre-RV planning: it’s something that gives you access to the rest of the world: the internet. It is your basic tool for work so no matter whether you go for mobile tethering, separate WiFi hotspot, etc., you also have to research the local restaurants and bars in case your internet connection fails you for some reason. Your employer and/or clients will not care where you work from but you have to get things done on time.

Tend to security

Being a digital nomad living in an RV is so much more than refusing to pay rent – you have the freedom to spend your free time in a way that not a lot of city office people can. You will get an opportunity to explore the world in your own way and even the depths of your character. You might spend the mornings sunbathing and your afternoons with your laptop in some small coffee shop. 

The list of the things you might decide to do is long but one thing you have to bear in mind is that you are not living in an apartment building brimming with people which thieves are therefore less likely to try and rob. Regardless of whether you are sleeping or you are off on an adventure, installing an RV camera system can give you peace of mind you long for. Its wide-angle cameras with motion detection and night vision will ensure you and your possessions are safe.

Distribute your workload

Unless you are someone who truly revels in routine and staying organized, organizing your work might not come so naturally to you. Some tasks are innately a priority because of their due date but even with clear dates, you still have to organize your time to finish everything with the kind of quality your clients expect from you, no matter how inviting hiking all day long sounds. 

What you also have to keep in mind is your internet. If you dawdle and leave everything for the last moment, the quality of your work is not the only thing at stake, it’s also your internet because if you purchase a package and you burn everything up at once, your research will be painfully slow until the end of the month. Having in mind you will be living and working in a small space, organize your time so that you cover everything and avoid the feeling of anxiety and constraint. 

Be prepared for ups and downs

No one has said that an adventure has to go smoothly and while RVing in both your home town and a foreign country, some moments will be fun, some won’t, which is not something to feel frightened of but to think about in advance. For instance, you will plan your internet access before you leave but in case something temporarily stops working, you would know where the nearest coffee shop is so that you can continue working or let your clients know that you will be a little late.

Also, keep in mind that you will be somewhat at the mercy of weather since most RVs are not perfectly insulated. A/C and heaters will help but also bring blankets and fans. In addition to that, since the RV space won’t be big, you have to carefully consider what you will bring. Of course, there will be shops wherever you go but some possessions of sentimental value may help in moments you feel lonely, anxious, or cut off from the world. 

Wrapping up

Moving your office into an RV and going on a working adventure takes planning but it also opens up a world of possibilities. You will learn more about how much you can accomplish, develop new skills, and quite possibly discover a thing or two about yourself. So, if you are interested in getting a taste of this kind of life, start saving up and looking at RVs and locations – and embracing the best of life!

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