How to Increase Productivity in Your Home Office


Working from home is becoming increasingly common

There was a time when going to work was the only option available. But the dawn of the internet era brought with it a new way of doing things and a more flexible approach to working which meant that offices and workspaces weren’t so…well, necessary. Why spend a few hours a day on the commute when you could use that time much more productively by working at home?

But therein the problem lies. While working from home sounds like the ultimate dream, and one that is becoming increasingly popular, people often find that until they find that perfect work-life balance, productivity suffers. With so many distractions in the home environment, it’s no surprise! Laundry to be done, shopping lists to be made, bills to be paid – before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you still haven’t managed to do any actual work yet. If this sounds familiar, read on for some tips on how to maximize your productivity while working from home.   

Get started early 

If you’ve heard the speech about making your bed in the morning, then you’ll know that starting your day off by completing a task gives you the momentum to get the next task finished. This, in turn, gives you a sense of accomplishment which will encourage you to do more and more during the day. So, get up early, make your bed, and do the first thing on your list. Top tip – make it an easy task so that you are more likely to complete it and feel ready to tackle bigger ones. 

Dress for work 

When you don’t have to physically see anyone, it can be super easy to slob out in your pajamas or workout gear. But this can have a counterproductive effect on your state of mind. Washing and getting dressed for work psychologically prepares you for the day ahead, and also gives you that super important “clocking off” moment at the end of the day when you get changed into your normal clothes. 

There can be many distractions when working from home


There is nothing worse than trying to work in a cluttered space, so spend some time decluttering the area in which you’re going to work. A clear and organized workspace is much more likely to boost productivity as it puts you into a good mindset for completing tasks. Regularly decluttering is one of those super-healthy habits which can help you to achieve your goals.  

Go for a walk 

When you have lots of deadlines, it can be tempting to sit at your desk all day long until they are finished. But actually, taking a walk outside is a great way to clear the mind and remove any mental blocks you might be having. This means you are much more likely to be productive when you get back to your desk.   

Maintain good posture 

This might sound like an odd way to boost productivity, but actually studies show that sitting with your back straight can enhance your performance. This is because good posture affects your mood and encourages you to think positively. Think about when you feel sad or depressed, your body language tends to be slumped or slouched, which reflects your mood. By sitting with good posture, you boost your positive thoughts and change your mindset to a strong and positive one. Good posture also encourages the production of testosterone which increases leadership abilities and resourceful problem-solving skills. So, it’s essential that you set up your workstation to ensure that you maintain good posture while you’re sitting at your desk.  

Work with your rhythm

You might find that you don’t actually work particularly well during the day. Some people find that they are much more productive in the afternoon or later in the evening. If this is the case, work with your rhythm to find the times that you are the most productive and use them. There is no point in sitting at your desk for hours on end when your brain simply doesn’t want to work; it’s much more time-efficient to work when you’re at your most productive, whatever time of day that is.    

When it comes to working from home there are plenty of ways to maximize your productivity. So, you’ll just have to work a little harder to find an excuse for all of that procrastination!  

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