4 Reasons to Become a Florida Notary Public


Have you ever wondered why people choose to become a notary public? Have you wondered if you should become one yourself? Here are 4 main reasons you may want to learn how to become a notary in Florida.

1. Extra Income on the Side

Many notaries public perform their duties in addition to working a full-time job. The flexibility this role offers makes it easy to perform notary duties outside of normal workday hours. Because they can charge for their services, notaries have the opportunity to earn income on the side. The extra income from this role can be used to make ends meet or to buy something special outside of a normal budget.

2. Add Pizzazz to Your Resume

Many organizations have a need for a notary’s services, but few are large enough to employ a notary full-time. However, having the title on your resume can make you a more desirable candidate for other jobs. Having a team member who is able to notarize documents as needed can save the company money and make you a more valuable asset to their team.

3. Potential for Self-Employment

If you find that you enjoy being a notary, there is a potential for self-employment. Many people choose to become mobile notaries, traveling where their services are needed. This concierge service allows notaries to attract customers from a broader demographic by offering to do the legwork for them. Instead of serving only customers in one part of town, your target-market extends as far as you care to travel within the state. There are many opportunities for mobile notaries in Florida, especially with the large number of long-distance real estate transactions that take place every day in the state. Being a self-employed mobile notary can also provide schedule flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you’d like.

4. Help People in Your Community

Becoming a notary public can allow you to help those who aren’t able to afford notary services, such as non-profit organizations. Because non-profit organizations rely on donations for income, many do not have the disposable funds to spend on notarization. Providing this service for free or at a discount can leave you feeling good about the strengthening role you play in your community.

There are many benefits to becoming a notary public. If these benefits interest you, you may want to consider learning how to become a notary in Florida.


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