Turning Your Passion Into an Occupation: 6 Reasons Why 3D Animation Is a Career Worthy of Pursuing


The art of animation has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. Traditional, hand-drawn animation still has its place, but projects increasingly feature three-dimensional models and virtual scenes.

Becoming a 3D animator is an excellent option for anyone with the right set of interests and skills. There are six especially compelling reasons to seek out an Animation Mentor and get ready for a rewarding career in this fascinating field.

1. 3D Animation is Exciting

Some industries evolve relatively slowly, and that can be a source of comfort for some. The 3D animation business lies at the other end of the scale, with new developments and tools making an impact all the time.

Of course, every professional 3D animator will need to become comfortable with standard platforms like Maya. Even these go-to tools acquire new features regularly, making for plenty to learn just to stay on top of the basics.

Researchers are always developing new and better ways to simulate reality via 3D rendering and animation, too. Advanced techniques like subsurface scattering of simulated light have brought previously unthinkable levels of realism to the industry in recent times.

Becoming a 3D animator means being exposed to all of these developments and many others. Despite being fairly mature and well-established, the 3D animation industry is an exciting place to work.

2. 3D Animation Makes Heavy Use of Technology

Although it probably does not come to mind first when conversations about STEM fields break out, 3D animation relies heavily on many kinds of technology. From rendering farms filled with high-end computers to the sensitive digital tablets used by artists, few industries today incorporate advanced technology more extensively.

That makes 3D animation particularly interesting to many who like technology and want to use it in interesting ways. Become a 3D animator and you will always work in close proximity to impressive, advanced technology.

3. 3D Animation is Satisfying

Some careers place participants so far from the fruits of their labor that they never feel much of a connection. Every 3D animator gets a chance to see how the effort put in translates into real, tangible output.

That is true even for those who focus on fairly specialized activities within the industry. A texture artist might not have much influence over the big picture but will always be able to see how particular projects play out in practice.

4. 3D Animation is Creative

Just about everyone enjoys being creative, and 3D animators have plenty of opportunities to indulge. A flair for coming up with fresh ideas, designs, and concepts will always be appreciated within the industry.

Compared to many similarly creative jobs, 3D animators can count on high levels of security, as well. That combination often proves tough to beat for those who value both creativity and practicality.

5. 3D Animation is in Demand

Businesses of all kinds today are looking at how producing videos can improve their results and strengthen their branding. In many cases, 3D animation ends up being the best, most cost-effective way to turn out business-building clips and feature projects.

Couple that with more traditional sources of demand like media companies, and the future for 3D animation looks very bright. Newcomers to the industry can count on enjoying plenty of demand for their services.

6. 3D Animation is Fun

Some types of work are financially rewarding but rarely very enjoyable. While salaries for 3D animators might not match those of programmers or financial experts, they cover an especially fun, engaging sort of work.

Many professional 3D animators enjoy the field so much that they devote plenty of their free time to personal, unpaid projects. As with the others listed above, that is a great reason to consider getting started in this particularly interesting field.

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