3 Reasons Your Business Needs Ceiling Fans


Does your business have everything it needs to keep your employees and clients comfortable? You’ve considered seating, lighting, and even decor, but have you thought about how the temperature in your space can affect productivity or even your profits? Many companies are turning to industrial ceiling fans to meet their needs. Could they be the right choice for you?

1. They Keep the Work Environment Comfortable

Maybe it seems obvious, but the biggest reason to install commercial ceiling fans in your business is that they will help to keep the space comfortable for your employees and clients. Whether you work in a warehouse or an office environment, ceiling fans can be helpful all year long. Hot air rises, and ceiling fans can help to push that warmth back to the ground area during the winter. As it mixes with the cooler air on the floor in a process known as destratification, it helps to warm the area. During the summer months, industrial ceiling fans move the air through the space more efficiently, aiding in the evaporative cooling effect, which can help your space and the people in it feel up to 10 degrees cooler.

2. They Are an Environmentally Friendly Option

Commercial fans are better for the environment than many other options. Large ceiling fans require less energy than traditional HVAC units, especially in large areas, such as warehouses. Because they use less energy and electricity, they create less pollution within your community since they emit fewer greenhouse gases into the air. A professional can help you determine which commercial ceiling fans will work best for you based on the size of your space, how it’s used, and how many people are in it each day.

3. They Save Your Business Money

Finally, commercial ceiling fans help you to cut business costs. When you use them in conjunction with your HVAC unit, you can keep the thermostat at a more reasonable temperature. Since it won’t need to kick on as often, you’ll likely see a decrease in your energy bill over time. In addition, industrial fans help to keep air circulating. When moisture can’t sit in one spot, it doesn’t have time to settle into your building material. This means your business property is less likely to suffer from rust or other types of corrosion that are quite costly to repair.

When installing ceiling fans or any other type of electrically wired items, always hire a professional. Commercial electricians not only ensure the job is done correctly and safely, but can also help you determine which industrial fans are right for your company and how many of them you’ll need.

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