How to Make Your Business Tech-Friendly During the Coronavirus


With a record number of offices closed and employees working remotely, many businesses are struggling to keep up with ever-evolving, unprecedented needs. Moving to remote work can upset your typical routines and needed tools, forcing business owners to get creative with technology to stay in communication with employees, reach customers, and stay on top of strategies.

Here are some ways to ensure your business is tech-friendly so you can stay adaptable and successful during this unknown time.

Utilize online services for everyday tasks

While out of the office, few people are able to accomplish their daily tasks in a typical format and are being forced to adapt the way in which they approach them. Luckily, everyday errands like banking, insurance, and network maintenance can all be done online to save you the time and hassle of having to go in-person during the pandemic.

For example, you can open an online business bank account to organize your finances, continue payroll, and prep for tax season while remote. You can also maintain your business’s insurance coverage by getting quotes and comparing rates for a digital insurance company. Additionally, you can focus on providing at-home network support for yourself by using one of the best internet providers that help ensure your organization’s work is still flowing smoothly.

Subscribe to personnel-based programs

It’s also critical that you protect your number one asset during this uncertain time: your people. They’re the ones on the ground who design, develop, make, and sell to help your business succeed, and they’re what you should be most concerned about during this transition to remote work.

Ensure their needs are being met by enlisting the help of several online programs. Whether it’s a meeting platform for team communication, a task management app to stay on top of responsibilities, or a company-wide weekly newsletter to keep employees informed, there are plenty of ways you can help your workforce accomplish their tasks and feel valued while working from home.

Move marketing online

Most native advertisements or billboards won’t get a lot of traction with stay-at-home orders in place across most states. However, marketing is still a valuable tool to reach and retain customers, so it’s important that you find alternative ways to get the word out about your organization.

If you don’t have an internal digital marketing team, utilize your organization’s social media channels to stay connected to customers and build your brand from home. You can utilize tools specific to social media management to help you schedule posts, track competitors, and embed apps to ensure you’re getting maximum engagement and continuing to drive traffic to your site.

Share important documents digitally

If you have any important contracts, spreadsheets, or reports that your team needs to collaborate on, it’s important that they can access and share them with each other at home. Luckily, you can scan paper to digitize documents, or utilize secure, team-specific sharing platforms to continue company-wide work.

Most organizations use popular programs like DropBox or Google Docs, but there are several other file-sharing platforms that might suit your needs more specifically. Using these platforms to continue teamwork and collaboration will help avoid any disruption to your business’s everyday work and help support your success.

Adapt these tips to make your business tech-friendly and ensure your team stays productive and relevant during the coronavirus crisis. But, remember to use your organization’s specific needs to guide your priorities and the way you approach these tech resources to ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital plan.

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