5 Healthcare Careers That Help People Thrive


When you think of the healthcare field, it is easy to focus on sickness and treatment. However, there are plenty of health-related careers that help people maintain their health and stay well. If you are considering an upbeat and positive career that can truly make others smile, explore some of these wellness-focused options.

1. Massage Therapist

People visit a massage therapist for any number of reasons, and the clients you see in this career will vary based on where you set up practice. Spas and health clubs often cater to those looking to soothe sore muscles and aches and pain. You’ll have a chance to help them feel better and relax. Before you look for the best massage therapy courses available, be aware that you’ll be spending quite a bit of time on your feet and working intensively with your hands. A career as a massage therapist isn’t for everyone, but if it’s a good fit, you will have an excellent opportunity to help people feel and function their best.

2. Nutritionist

Are you passionate about healthy and clean eating? Then you might thrive helping other people choose the right foods for their nutritional needs. A nutritionist can work in any number of settings, including schools, senior living facilities, or even one-on-one with private clients.

3. Doula

Becoming a parent is a wonderful and exciting time. It can also be scary and stressful. Doulas offer emotional support for expectant mothers before, during and after childbirth, depending on their area of expertise and training. They do not offer medical services, so you won’t be providing care. In this role, you serve as a resource for information and assistance with everything from prenatal care to breastfeeding.

4. Public Health Educator

Working through a variety of organizations and government agencies, a public health educator shares information with people about disease and illness prevention, ongoing health efforts and available resources and health services. You may teach workshops, conduct community-based outreach or review information to determine needs and trends within the population.

5. Health Coach

If you prefer to work one-on-one with people in an individual setting, health coaching might be a better fit. Here you will get to see the results of your efforts as they unfold. You will work with clients to develop healthy eating and lifestyle plans that allow them to achieve the desired results.

There is so much to the healthcare field beyond becoming a doctor or nurse. In fact, there are many options that allow you to focus on providing preventative care and wellness support. Follow your interests and strengths to explore the right path for you.


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