Shipping Cargo: How to Create a More Efficient and Organized Warehouse


Running a warehouse isn’t as simple as it sounds. With so many things to manage in such a small space, it’s possible to become overwhelmed. However, this is where being organized comes into play. Having an organized warehouse leads to more productivity and effectiveness among the employees. Here’s how to create a more efficient and organized warehouse.

Change the Layout

Organizing your warehouse starts by rethinking the layout. There could be some unused space that you didn’t take into account before. Go over the entire warehouse and decide what could be moved. There are three factors to remember while going over the layout; the space, flow and accessibility.

The space is probably the most important factor because warehouses aren’t so big once inventory starts to pile up. As a result, it can be difficult to move around and the risk of injuries is increased. With an increase in space, the flow is improved as there will be less opportunity for injuries. Reorganizing the layout of the warehouse improves its accessibility, which in turn, improves productivity.

Keep the Warehouse Clean

A cluttered warehouse is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. Not only does it make it very difficult to move, it’s also a major health hazard. Pick up any trash laying around and move anything that’s out of place. In many cases of a dirty warehouse, some items are not where they should be. Things like boxes and palettes take up a lot of space, so they need to be put back where they belong.

Don’t Forget to Label Everything

With how everything is compressed together in a warehouse, it’s pretty easy to lose track of a certain item. Being able to easily locate and identify everything is what you want to accomplish. Make sure each and every label has the product’s name, the size of it, what color it is and the date.

Another way to effectively label things in the warehouse is to use commercial warehouse striping. Warehouse striping is when layers of colored tape, namely yellow, are placed on the ground to provide a pathway while being a placeholder for specific items.

Managing a warehouse can be one of the easiest tasks if the right methods are taken. However, it also requires you to be attentive and dedicated. Despite the advantage of technology, an efficient warehouse starts with you. Use this information to ensure your warehouse is organized, efficient and productive.

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