Helping People for a Living: 7 Ways to Know That You Should Be Pursuing a Career in Nursing


Nursing is a demanding field, but it is also incredibly rewarding. For those who love helping people, becoming a nurse can be a perfect career path. Read on to find out about seven ways to tell it’s time to consider a career in nursing.

Desire to Make a Difference

Every person is motivated by a different set of desires. Some people want to make money, while others seek prestige or purpose. For those who want to make a difference in other people’s lives, nursing is a great calling. Check out Accredited Nursing Programs to find out what it takes.

Emotional Maturity

Everyone has bad days, but nurses know how to check their personal baggage at the door. They put their patients’ needs first and focus on their work, which requires a certain level of emotional maturity. Those currently working in the hospitality field know exactly what it’s like to serve others with a smile even while under stress and often make excellent nurses.

Ability to Prioritize Time

Nurses have a lot of responsibilities, so they need to be able to prioritize their time. Those who excelled in school or maintain active, busy social lives might have what it takes to care for multiple patients with diverse needs.

Desire to Improve Patient Experience

Many current nurses were driven to pursue their careers after personal experiences with the healthcare industry. Some have been inspired by other amazing nurses, while others have encountered frustrations with hospital procedures after watching loved ones suffer. Those who have a desire to create a better patient experience for others make great nurses, especially if they’ve had direct or indirect experience with the healthcare system.

Urge to Stay Busy

Nursing shifts go by incredibly fast. Workers who hate their desk jobs because they don’t feel fulfilled and can’t find productive ways to occupy their time will love nursing because there’s never a dull moment. This kind of job requires an active mindset and a good deal of physical activity, so it‘s also great for workers who want to stay in shape and take on unique challenges.

Need for Job Security

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for registered nurses will grow around 12% by 2028. This projection is backed up by factors like the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, the demand for healthcare services from aging populations, and the increased emphasis on preventative healthcare. The result is that nurses won’t have to worry about job security. There will always be work that needs to be done providing care for others.

No Concerns About Healthcare Environments

The fear of hospitals is so common there’s actually a word for it: nosocomephobia. For those afraid of hospitals, blood, or germs, a career in nursing may not be a good choice. However, those who feel right at home easing the suffering of others in clinical environments will find that they aren’t fazed by a few bizarre odors or a little blood. They’ll love helping patients and their family members overcome their fears to feel more at home.

The Bottom Line

Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. For those who love helping others, though, it may be the perfect career choice. The nursing field offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, and job security will never be a problem.

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