Where Can I Get A Menu Template For My Business?


Did you know the average customer only looks at the menu for an average of 109 seconds? According to a Gallup poll.

This makes the design of a restaurant menu vital to the success of selling certain items.

A menu template is always a good choice to ensure maximum efficiency and results.

Choosing which menu template to use is the hard part, keep reading to learn where to get one without any hassle.

Choosing a Menu Template

When it comes to customers deciding what to eat or drink at your restaurant, nothing is more important than the layout of the menu. Upserve’s shows 80 percent of restaurants’ food sales come from only 16 percent of the menu items.

This research adds to the growing amount of information restaurant leaders are using to help influence the design of their menu templates to ensure maximum results. Follow along to see where you can get a menu template for your business.


One of the most popular options for restaurant templates is the Adobe menu template builder. It is easy to use, and you can build a menu in minutes.

First, they will have you select a size, the sizes include:

  • Square
  • Instagram story
  • Facebook
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Poster
  • Landscape

After that, you can choose what pictures you would like included on the menu. From there, you have the freedom to create the menu in any way you would like.

Adobe gives you options along the way, like different color schemes and font options. You can also view menu examples to provide you with an idea of what to look for.


Canva is another great option for anyone looking for menu templates for their business. 

You can create high-quality menus that are sure to impress your customers. They have hundreds of templates to choose from that are all unique and eye-catching. The menu

templates are easy to edit and customize to ensure you can spend time where it matters.

After selecting the template, you can add photos, symbols, and edit text, font, and colors. Canva has many backgrounds to choose from that are high definition and unique to help you stand out.

Stock Layouts

Stocklayouts offers easy to customize restaurant menu templates for your business. 

They make it super easy for you by dividing the templates up by category. Some of the types of menu templates you can choose from include:

  • Hotel 
  • Family restaurant
  • Mexican food
  • Pizza shop 
  • Food catering
  • Fine dining
  • Indian restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Bakery
  • Sushi restaurant
  • Brewery
  • BBQ and More

With all of those menu examples, you are sure to find something that matches the style of your restaurant and will impress your customers.

Making Work-Life Easier

Now that you understand where to get a fantastic menu template, its time to get the creativity flowing. The next step is coming up with a great design that will be functional and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

For more ways to improve your work-life, check out our blog, and keep up with the latest in the world of work and personal life.

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