9 Additions to a Commercial Property That Are Worth the Investment


If you own a commercial property, you want to maximize your investment. The best way to do that is by ensuring the safety and comfort of all who use the facility. 

The following additions can increase the value of your property by elevating its prestige. It also makes your facility one that people enjoy using daily.

The next time your budget allows for an upgrade, consider adding these options. 

1. An Upgraded Rooftop 

Many commercial building owners lament a lack of space, but they may have some right overhead. If your facility has an eatery, why not create a rooftop garden where you can grow fresh organic produce? This step won’t only beautify your exterior, but it also will enhance the quality of your food offerings. 

You can also use your rooftop to create an outdoor seating or break room area. If you command an impressive view, you can install a telescope or two where visitors can appreciate the surrounding landscape. 

2. A Security Gate

You want your staff and guests to feel safe, and a security gate provides considerable peace of mind. You have a wide range of options, from pedestrian swing and portal models to overhead and cantilever versions that permit vehicle access.

These play a crucial role in overall security by preventing unauthorized access. They can also reduce overhead by decreasing your need for guard services. 

3. Outdoor Seating and Work Areas 

According to research from the University of Melbourne, spending time outdoors increases productivity and enhances creativity. If your employees see nothing but fluorescent lights and cubicles, they might not work to their full potential.

Provide ample outdoor seating where people can stroll or sit in the sunlight during their breaks. You can go a step further by installing tables and sunscreens for those who prefer to take their work outdoors. 

4. Accessibility Options 

If you occupy a building constructed before 1992, you may think that you are exempt from accessibility rules. However, this oversight could prove a costly mistake. You need to make appropriate efforts to meet ADA compliance standards whenever you choose to alter a primary function area of your facility.

If you are installing a wheelchair ramp, for example, use this time to identify other areas that could pose problems. Is your office furniture too tightly clustered to allow a chair to pass through? Can you rearrange your layout to make it more accessible? 

5. A Video Monitoring System

Some commercial office building owners shy away from video monitoring systems because they feel they create privacy concerns. However, installing these in all public areas increases security significantly. For example, cameras that survey the parking lot ensure that staff who work late make it to their vehicles without issue. 

If your organization participates in hazardous work, such systems can ensure all employees follow stated safety rules and protect you from frivolous lawsuits. For instance, you might issue safety goggles, but you get sued when a worker gets something in their eye. If the camera catches them running the machine without the issued equipment, they will have a more challenging time proving their case in court. 

6. Better Bathrooms

Bathrooms with industrial-green stalls serve a vital function, but they don’t add much aesthetic appeal. You can instantly add sophistication to your facility by upgrading your rest areas.

Strip away the harsh overhead fluorescents in favor of softer LED lighting that doesn’t make guests cringe when they look in the mirror. Use full-length wooden stall doors that eliminate the awkward eye-contact gap. 

7. A Fitness Facility 

People today care about fitness more than ever, but they also have less time. An onsite workout facility helps to keep your staff healthier by letting them squeeze in a quick workout during their breaks.

It also eliminates excuses surrounding exercise and leads to a reduction in sick days. Companies lose countless sums each year due to lost productivity from preventable diseases. 

8. More Ergonomic Furniture 

According to a 2016 study, workers with a sit-stand desk were 50% more productive than those who used a traditional model. Comfort matters. If your employees’ workstations cause them pain, they won’t be able to perform at their best. 

When redoing your layout, create different spaces for various work activities. You might have one row of cubicles for quiet, individual work, but other open areas for collaboration. 

9. Improved Lighting 

You need your staff and visitors to see clearly, but the type of lighting you choose matters. For example, fluorescent lighting contains invisible pulsing, which can trigger attacks in those with migraine disease.

Overhead track lighting is a wise choice because you can direct illumination toward areas that need it most. Floor lamps and table lamps provide extra brightness only where it is needed most. This improvement creates a more sophisticated office interior, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Make These Additions to Increase Your Commercial Property Value 

You can significantly increase the value of your commercial space by making it more appealing to guests and staff members alike. Keep these tips in mind when it’s time to renovate.

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