4 Reasons to Explore Scotland in Your Own Motorhome


Have you been dreaming of buying a motorhome or a campervan? Do you plan the trips you could take and the places you could go in your own van? Perhaps you have taken a trip in a hired motorhome in the past and are now ready to make the leap to ownership. Buying a motorhome in Scotland brings many benefits – economical, psychological and practical.

With so many good and valid reasons for owning a motorhome in Scotland, it is hard to narrow it down to a short post. Here are the main advantages of buying your van to explore Scotland in style.

1. You Have Absolute Freedom

How many other holidays provide the same level of freedom, choice and flexibility as a campervan holiday? You decide where you want to go. You pick how long you want to stay. If you don’t like a place, you move on. You can travel in winter in a comfortably heated motorhome or head off in the busiest peak summer season without paying extra for transport. You have the flexibility to create your own itinerary.

Scotland has so many places to see; the best way to cover a lot of ground and to do it your way is by motorhome. And when you own your vehicle, you enhance the freedom and choice. You don’t have to pay hire fees. You can take your vehicle out for short trips or set off on longer holidays without worrying about availability. Owning your motorhome means you can take a trip whenever you feel like it.

2. Get To Know The Heart of Scotland

You experience a different side of this marvellous country when you take a trip by motorhome. Having your own transport with built-in accommodation means you can visit lesser-known destinations where there may not be a hotel. You can travel along winding roads to seclude lochs, safe in the knowledge you can have a cup of tea and a rest when you get there. You can explore places away from the popular tourist spots. You make your own unique Scotland journey and these memories will last a lifetime.

3. Get Closer to Nature – and the Locals!

It is not easy to feel close to the boundless natural beauty in Scotland when you are in a hotel room. You probably won’t meet too many people when you stay in bed and breakfasts. But when you travel in a motorhome, you experience new communities and the wonder of nature first-hand. Local people in Scotland are welcoming and friendly, and you will also meet people on campsites with shared values and experiences. And there is nothing better than opening your front door directly onto a wonderful natural vista. Not many hotels offer that!

4. Explore at Your Own Pace

No more worrying about check out times and hauling your luggage from the car to the hotel every time you want to move on. Explore at your leisure. Spend days at one spot when you are having a great time or move quickly on if you are bored and want a change of scenery. You have the flexibility to go wherever you choose. And if you want to explore Scotland over a month or longer, there’s no reason not to.

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