Easy Ways To Scare Away The Sunday Scaries


The “Sunday Scaries” refer to feelings of sadness or anxiety that a person feels on Sunday afternoon or evening as they dread the upcoming workweek. Though Sunday is idealized as a relaxing day of rest, the unfortunate reality is that 80% of professionals report being affected by these feelings. 

The Sunday Scaries are reported in the highest numbers among Gen Z and millennial professionals, but they are widespread throughout all working generations. Most commonly, the Sunday Scaries mean increased anxiety, but they have also been known to manifest as sadness or insomnia. 

As the gap between work and life gets increasingly smaller with apps like Slack and email being downloaded onto our phones, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with to-dos and unable to relax. Leaving the office isn’t necessarily possible when you are holding a connection to it in the palm of your hand. 

Lifestyle changes like avoiding alcohol, hitting the gym and journaling can help quell these feelings – but ultimately, it’s up to you to be mindful of your wants and needs so you can set yourself up for success and reduce anxiety. There are plenty of ways to cope with the Sunday Scaries once we begin to analyze our needs and focus on our wellbeing. 

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