3 critical skills you need in the digital marketing age


As technology evolves, marketers and entrepreneurs are turning to digital marketing to increase their brand awareness, reach bigger markets, and increase their overall sales and profits. Unfortunately, not all business people or marketing professionals have the right skills to succeed, thus failing to achieve their goals. To become a pro, however, you need these three skills.

Data analysis

Data analysis refers to the use of data analytic tools and techniques to gather and process large amounts of raw data collected from various online interactions with your target market. These interactions can include online transactions, what they looked up online, what content they consumed, and other digital footprints they left relevant to your business. For instance, data can be collected from search engine queries, pages, or websites they visited.

Maryville University admits that this data is useless if you don’t know how to examine it, identify underlying patterns, and create relevant marketing strategies to grow your company. According to the university, the process includes cleaning up the data by eliminating redundant, outdated, incorrect, or incomplete data from your records. This periodic purge of useless data helps you avoid making mistakes, such as creating ineffective marketing strategies.

Writing and editing skills

The heart of digital marketing is content. This is what draws users to your pages, websites, or posts. These posts are what connect you to your target audience by using relevant, engaging messages aimed at convincing them to take your desired action. This could be making a purchase or sharing the message.

Writing and editing here are more than just ways of generating articles for blogs or landing pages. They help you optimize your content by creatively incorporating SEO keywords into your posts and using keyword optimization to help you rank higher on search engines. That is why having relevant, well-written content is a must for any digital marketer. Your goal is to make content that is evergreen. This means if a user reads it when it is published, or a year from now, it is still relevant.

You also need to host your website with a reliable hosting service that provides options and packages that will work for your specific needs. I recommend looking for hosting sites that have been in business for a while and that have locations around the world. SiteGround is very experienced in this domain and provides great customer service as well.

Listening skills

A lot of companies often focus on creating promotional content that they fail to establish a good relationship with their customers. To be an excellent digital marketer, you have to do more than collect data about your target audience.

While this will help you narrow down on what they’re interested in, it won’t help you figure out how to best convey your marketing message to them.

You must listen to the way customers talk about your brand, products, or services through social media. With the use of a social listening tool like Onclusive’s social listening software, you’ll get the data and insights that you need for your marketing strategy. Social listening helps you get more insight into how your customers and target market perceives you and your competitors.

The skills you need to be a pro digital marketer are not limited to these three, they are a lot more, and they are evolving each day to keep up with the changing technologies. However, even though it seems hard, these skills can be learned, and with a bit of time and patience, you can be a digital marketing rock star.

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