Feng Shui Your Office With These 5 Design Tips


Every year, American professionals spend thousands of hours in their offices. If you’re one of these business owners, experts, or entrepreneurs, you may find that you spend more time at your desk than you do at home. In order to be productive and enjoy peace of mind, you can think differently about how you arrange and decorate your space.

One of the most popular practices for designing your office is what is known as feng shui. Many people have heard of it for the home, but not for the workplace. The Spruce notes feng shui is a philosophy rooted in Asia that focuses on how we build the environment around us and the ways we can live in harmony with our natural world.

Whether your area is cluttered, you don’t like being in your office, or you can’t seem to feel energized at your job, we can help. Follow these tips for applying feng shui to your working area. Once you complete each activity, you’ll feel more at peace with where you make your living.

1. Remove Clutter & Excess Items

Before you use feng shui to build your office environment, you must remove what you don’t need. If you have excess clutter in your space, the flow of chi, also known as “life force energy,” will be disrupted. Toss out old papers, boxes, and pieces of mail.

Rearrange office supplies and place them in drawers or organizing bins if necessary. Decide if certain pieces of artwork or furniture are disrupting the harmony of the space. If you don’t like how an item looks or feels, it’s time to get rid of it.

2. Balance the Five Elements

The five elements of feng shui are at the heart of the philosophy. These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. According to practitioners, a balance of these materials in your office will help energy flow through your workspace and make you feel more at ease throughout your day.

Wooden furniture and plants are excellent choices for incorporating wood into your space. Candles and warm colors help to incorporate the fire element, while pottery or neutral tones add an Earthy vibe. Place a decorative metal accent on your desk or add metallic art to your wall. These details encourage precision and mental clarity. Finally, incorporate the relaxing flow of water by adding a small Zen fountain or a piece of decorative glass art.

3. Incorporate Aromatherapy

Scents and aromas are another important part of feng shui because they can help shift energy. According to Mind Body Green, orange essential oil is an excellent choice for feeling ready to take on your day. It can also help you feel less negativity. To get started, place a few drops of orange essential oil into a personal diffuser and let the scent flow throughout your office. Some candles also contain orange essential oil and have a complementary bright color to help you incorporate the element of fire.

Putting lavender essential oil into your diffuser can help you relax and feel more at ease, especially during busy days or tiring afternoons. Scents such as basil, lemon, and grapefruit can help lift the mood and make it easier to power through a project. Ylang ylang essential oil may help to reduce stress and make you feel more positive, while vetiver can also be both calming and uplifting at the same time.

4. Choose the Right Window Coverings

Since windows are a vehicle for both light and energy, they’re an essential topic in feng shui. According to the philosophy, the right window coverings will help you bring in plenty of natural light and positive energy, all while keeping the bad vibes out. For this reason, you’ll want to choose narrow blinds or shades that give you privacy and allow the right amount of sunshine during the day.

Woven wood shades and bamboo blinds are both excellent choices because they have a natural, Earthy feel and incorporate the wood element into your space. They also allow for the perfect amount of light control. Cordless blinds allow you to easily open windows while you work, letting in plenty of sun and fresh air. If you experience glare at the computer or need some time to yourself, the natural yet durable fibers will filter out light and keep anyone from seeing inside.

If you’re looking for something a little different, another option is faux wood blinds. Many styles of this popular type of blind now come with a cordless feature, which makes it effortless to keep them open during the day. Their natural aesthetic will also add the right amount of wood element to your office area.

5. Reposition Your Desk

The way you position your office furniture can have a big impact on how you do your work. According to Greatist, feng shui says you should rearrange your desk so it faces your office door. Looking out toward the door is supposed to keep you open to ideas and opportunities. It’s also intended to give you a boost of confidence, as you are the leader of your own work area.

When your back is facing the door, you may wonder who is entering and who is walking by outside. This may cause you to become distracted. The more time that you spend focused on things other than your job, the more unnecessary energy is wasted. In some cases, you may not be able to rearrange your desk. In this case, place a mirror with a metallic or bright-colored frame in front of you. You’ll be able to see the door behind you, which is said to have the same empowering effect.

Using Feng Shui at the Office

With all of the time and effort we spend in our office, it’s no wonder we’re looking for better ways to feel more energized and refreshed. Feng shui is a straightforward strategy for improving the mood and feel of your workspace. If you’re feeling inspired, try a tip from this list once a week. Start by decluttering your desk and the surrounding area, then begin redecorating. In just a month or two, you’ll begin to transform the energy of your work area and open up new opportunities for yourself.

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