How to Increase Employee Morale: 7 Gestures Your Team Will Love


Want to increase company morale in the office? Good idea! 

Studies show that happy employees can be as much as 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

So, by creating a positive office environment, rewarding your employees for their hard work and keeping a sense of community within the team, you’re not only creating a fun place to work but a successful one as well. 

But how do you go about achieving this type of work environment? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Keep reading for our helpful guide on how to increase employee morale in the office. 

Have Protocol and Stick to It

People’s expectations relate directly to their level of disappointment when something doesn’t go their way or they feel they’ve been treated unfairly. 

Creating specific guidelines and sets of protocol help keep your company morale up because everyone is on the same page about what is expected both from them and from you, the boss. 

One of the biggest causes of low morale is when an employee sees different treatment for different people. This can be anything from one employee getting their vacation days approved while someone else’s is denied for no apparent reason; or, it could be an employee noticing that the path to a promotion is shorter for some than it is for others. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be strict or run an office that’s filled with unbreakable rules. It just means, it’s important to have protocols in place as steady and clear answers to employee questions, whatever they may be. 

This will ensure everyone is on the same page, expectations are managed, and there are fewer surprises in the workplace. This will lead to a feeling of calmness and certainty for your employees about the way your company functions. 

The protocol is meant to make your employees feel safe and secure.

Communication Is Key

Once you have your protocol in place, it’s just as important to effectively communicate about it to your staff. 

Communication, in general, is the key to ironing out any kinks and making your employees feel they can approach either you or your HR team with an issue they have. 

Keep staffed looped in on things happening within the company even if it doesn’t directly affect them. Doing this will make them feel as though they’re an active part of the team and that their contribution matters in the big picture. 

Just as it’s important to communicate positive announcements, it’s also important to communicate clearly when you hit a bump in the road. Don’t keep your employees in the dark.

Make a point to let them know you are connecting with them on a human level and sharing news that could relate to their livelihood. They’ll appreciate it and it will likely instill more care into the work they are doing for you. 

Ask for Feedback

Letting your employees offer constructive feedback is a great way to take the temperature of your office and see where morale can be improved. 

You can do this by way of private meetings with each of them or by sending around a company survey they can answer anonymously. 

They can offer you the answers you’re looking for to make their work experience more positive. Just the sheer notion that you as an employer are open to feedback and making changes is usually enough to start the boosting of morale if it’s low. 

This allows your employees to understand that their voice counts and their opinion matters. They will know that you care about their happiness and are open to making changes to strengthen their experience at work.

Offer Growth

Just like people get excited about future vacations, birthday parties or other exciting events, your employees want to get excited about their career trajectory. 

It is essential to offer growth. The type of growth you offer can span from a raise to a step up in position, title, or even responsibility. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for what growth looks like in your company, but it’s important to have some version of it. 

This gives your staff something to work toward and a feeling of accomplishment once they achieve it. It’s a natural human desire to move forward and have purpose in our lives and growing within a company can satisfy that need. 


There are plenty of ways to incentivize your staff and uplift their spirits without giving them each a raise or promotion. 

Give them something to look forward to even if it’s small. For example, offer them one work from home day per month or close the office a few hours early on Fridays during the summer. 

Let them bring their furry friends into work one day per week or offer to pay for a monthly gym membership. 

These little treats can go a long way in building a positive environment and keeping your employees engaged and happy. 

Step up Your Office Space

No one is going to get excited about working in a dark, dreary office with old equipment and uncomfortable chairs and desks. 

Take stock of ways you can improve your office space and spend the money to make some upgrades. Be sure people have ergonomic workstations so they are comfortable during the day. 

Create cozy meeting areas with sofas, chairs, and beanbags where smaller teams can congregate in a more relaxed atmosphere. Get some natural light in from windows and try to swap out the constant buzz of fluorescent lighting for some more natural light options.

Have an area where people can take a break, play a game like ping pong or stock your kitchen or snack area with healthy but delicious treats they can enjoy during the day. Check out this article about healthyyou vending for more office snack ideas. 

Keep your office up-to-date and comfortable to maximize morale and workflow.  

Encourage Time Off

Everyone needs a break. Whether it’s paid time off for vacation or a personal day, encourage your employees to take the time off they’ve earned. 

More than half of U.S. workers have reported feeling guilty about taking the vacation time they’ve earned. 

Time off allows your staff to recharge and rest, usually returning to work more focused and ready to take on the tasks at hand. Everyone needs a break sometimes and as a boss, it’s your job to tell your staff that it’s a completely acceptable thing to do! 

Wondering How to Increase Employee Morale? Now You Know!

With the guide above, you are well on your way to making your staff happy and thereby increasing your company productivity. 

Be sure to communicate openly, set reasonable expectations, have a comfortable work environment and throw in some incentives here and there. 

With these tips, you can learn how to increase employee morale and create the company spirit you’ve always dreamed of. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more tips!

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