Essential Employment Skills Employers Look for When Hiring Employees


From a very young age, we are told that for us to succeed and live the dream, we need to get good grades in school. This is because having good grades in school will naturally put us in a position to get good jobs; that will allow us to afford the lifestyle we deserve. 

Let Me Give This Scenario

After years of studying hard in high school, you graduate. You learned all you needed to survive. Or did you?  After high school, you go to college to study a fascinating course like accounting. The struggle in college in high school is multiple as much. However, because you want to be successful, you put in extra effort. You burn the midnight candle at both ends. You take extra courses. You even ask for accounting homework help when you need it. You do all this all in a bid to get those great grades and seem more employable. 

However, most people do not understand that it takes a lot more than technical skills to get a job and secure. There are some soft skills that employers require their staff to have even before they get employed. The reason being that these soft skills are a lot more difficult to acquire than hard skills. More often than not, these skills are what differentiates an average employee from a great one. 

This article will show you some of the essential employment skills employers look for when hiring employers. 


You will not get anywhere in the workplace if you do not know how to communicate effectively with the people around you.  In this case, great communication skills include fantastic speaking and impressive writing skill. You should also exhibit a high level of confidence. There is a difference between knowing what to say(technical skills), how to say it(communication skills) and sounding like you know what you are saying(confidence). In a way, having confidence puts some level of legitimacy in what you have to say.  

Time Management

The ability to effectively manage time is another essential skill that employers look out for when hiring. This cuts across all industries. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer or a 9-5er. This skill is important because deadlines have to be met and tasks have to be effectively juggled. Employers do not want to always have to look over their shoulders to ensure their employers are on track. 

This skill can be easily tested in the interview session.. This is why you should always make a good impression by arriving at the venue for your interview on time.

Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

As an employer, you are hired to solve a problem whether it is to clean the highway or to supervise an accounting project. The only way problems can be solved is through critical thinking. Critical thinking involves looking at a situation as objectively as possible in order to determine the next best action.


The importance of teamwork in any organization cannot be overemphasized. In your prospective job, you will have to collaborate with co-workers on projects. In a company, every role is connected in one way or the other. The ability for each department and worker to work together effectively can play a huge role in determining the level of success in the organization. This is why employers look out for people who can work well with others when they need to recruit new staff.

Other Essential Skills Employers Look Out For Include

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Digital Literacy
  • Initiative                                                                                            

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