9 Small Ways to Make Your Office Space Upscale


How does the appearance of your office space make you feel when you arrive at work? For years, business owners designed workspace interiors for function and little else. However, ignoring aesthetics does impact your mood on the clock — and your productivity levels. 

Renovating your office to make it more upscale offers multiple benefits. It creates an atmosphere where you feel proud inviting elite clientele. It also improves your mindset and boosts the morale of your staff. When it’s time to upgrade, keep these tips in mind. 

1. Pick a Simple Color Scheme 

Look at the color schemes of upscale retailers. They’re warm and welcoming, not at all industrial green. However, nor do they look like the interior design equivalent of one of Cyndi Lauper’s 80’s outfits. Think of a simplified color scheme with subtle accents. 

What colors should you choose to boost productivity? Off-white hues with darker gray or blue accents work the best. You can also add a splash of color with a subtle lavender or teal hue. 

2. Upgrade Your Bathrooms 

If your restrooms consist of lime-green stalls and harsh overhead fluorescent lights, your guests will take note. Fortunately, simple changes can create a significantly more elite look. Replace traditional bathroom stall doors with full-length wooden models with lavers and elegant hardware. It looks more refined, and it eliminates that pesky eye-contact gap. 

Don’t ditch the disposable paper towels for health and hygiene purposes, but add some real decorative cloth versions, too. It isn’t too tricky to master the basic pocket fold, but a hand towel with a scalloped wash rag tucked in reminds clients of an upscale hotel. 

3. Redo the Lighting 

Did you know that flickering fluorescent overhead lights can trigger migraines in susceptible employees and clients alike? That doesn’t bolster productivity or positive relationships. Replace such fixtures with track lighting. This format offers the benefit of letting you direct illumination to the areas that need it most, like work desks. 

If possible, let natural light shine by removing window coverings — heavy curtains can harbor allergens, anyway. In general, dimmer lights create an upscale ambiance, so use desk and floor lamps instead of bright overheads where you need extra illumination. 

4. Different Spaces for Various Uses 

Does your office space resemble a traditional high school classroom with rows of desks? You encourage collaboration as well as quiet work, so make your space reflect these uses.

You can use full-length glass partitions to wall off brainwork areas and open areas with seating arranged for team discussions. 

5. Make Things Comfortable 

Remember in “A Christmas Carol” how Bob Cratchit had to beg his boss for coal for comfort? Skimping on inferior office furniture screams, “I am Ebenezer Scrooge” to visitors and staff members alike.

Splurge on ergonomic chairs and variable-height desks that spares their aching backs and keep your employees’ blood flowing. 

6. Keep Sound in Mind 

If your office space features ceramic tile or cement floors, the din of heels on the surface can grow to maddening levels. This effect doubles if you have high ceilings to create more of an echo. Consider switching to rubber or cork tiles that lower the sound level by several decibels over harder surfaces.

You may discover you leave the office with less of a tension headache once you quiet things down. Plus, think about it — when you go to an upscale restaurant or hotel, does it sound like a rock concert inside? Subdued sound equals elegance. 

7. Ditch the Motivational Posters for Nature 

Be honest. Has a “Together, Everyone Achieves More” poster ever inspired you to gather the gang for collaboration? Probably not. However, scientific research shows that merely gazing at pictures of nature can boost productivity by 15%, so replace that canned motivational wall art for landscapes.

Furthermore, consider adding nature-inspired accent pieces, like easy-to-care-for succulents and water fountains. 

8. Consider Aromatherapy 

You don’t want to invite clients to indulge in the aroma of microwaved salmon, so consider smell when upgrading your space. Scents like citrus energize the body, boosting brain-power.

Additionally, the scent of lemon can promote immune system health. With the current pandemic, every workplace could use that improvement. 

9. Add Touches of Personality 

Finally, as much as you want your office space upscale, you also need personal touches to make people want to occupy the premises. Add small flairs of personality, such as a house plant, a favorite framed blueprint, or a sand art desk ornament.

Don’t go overboard by wallpapering the place in vacation photos, but a few reminders of that humans, not robots, work there, add a cozy feel. 

Create an Upscale, Stylish Modern Office 

You don’t have to spend a ton to renovate your office and make it more upscale. Use these tips to create a workspace that welcomes you and your clients. 

Author Bio:

Dylan Bartlett, aka, “The Regular Guide,” writes about a broad variety of topics on his blog. Check out Just a Regular Guide for more, or follow him on Twitter @theregularguidefor frequent updates!

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