Temporarily Closing Your Office? 4 Tips for Keeping It Safe


Your office building is set up to accommodate busy workers, but what happens when you need to close your office down for a few weeks or months? Workplace crime costs billions of dollars each year, and empty offices can be a magnet for thieves. If you need to beef up security while youre away, consider these four effective tips to keep your office safe and secure during a temporary closing.

Keep the Lights On

Lights might cost a few dollars in electricity, but theyre a very effective theft deterrent. A well-lit office makes intruders think twice because they cant tell if anyone is in the building or not, while outdoor lighting puts trespassers on display. If you want to conserve energy, consider installing motion sensor lights that come on automatically when someone enters the building.

Change the Locks

You might be surprised to learn how many people have keys to your office. Its common to hand keys out to employees, repair professionals, cleaners and others who need access after-hours, and many people simply forget to retrieve the keys when the work is done. Reduce the risk of a disgruntled former employee or a contractor with sticky fingers raiding your office by calling a locksmith to change the locks before you close shop.

Use Security Cameras

One of the most effective ways to keep your office safe while youre away is to keep an eye on it remotely with security cameras, so place cameras by all entrances and important areas of your office. Security cameras not only allow you to monitor your office but also provide hard evidence if a crime does occur. Is a security camera system out of your budget? Try installing fake cameras to put criminals on alert.

Turn Off Wireless Connections

You might think leaving your public Wi-Fi network up for those who dont have internet access is an act of charity, but people with nefarious intentions can just as easily take advantage of your kindness. Leaving a wireless connection open when youre away can lead to criminals hacking into your system and stealing money, passwords or company secrets.

Although closing your office can create a security risk, keep in mind that the health and safety of your employees is more important. If you need to close because of a safety threat in the area, its better to lose property than human lives. You can always file a claim on your insurance or seek government assistance if necessary.

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