Must Have Features for a Meditation App


Surely you’ve heard a lot of people saying that smartphones always keep you distracted and reduce your productivity. It’s quite the contrary. In many cases, smartphones help us become more efficient in things such as fitness apps, and now people even got to create a meditation app.

Ironically, today’s technology found ways to help us keep our focus, explore our inner selves and increase our productivity with the rise of applications that let you have your own personal monk just at the reach of a button. 

Meditation apps are starting to gain more and more popularity, and with those being said, we are going to show some of the must-have features you have to look for.

1. Offer courses

One can’t meditate if he doesn’t know how to do it. Implementing introductory courses will greatly help people trying to take-up on meditation. Of course, you don’t have to only integrate beginner courses.

Offer programs for everyone, be it for beginners or apprentices, young or old. Monetize them, or make it free. This is a great way to increase traffic since people are going to stay on the app more by watching your courses.

2. User profile 

By having their own profile, users will be able to monitor their progress and keep track of their achievements. This is great both for you and the user. 

They have the ability to keep in check with how they are doing, and you get valuable information that gives you the ability to improve their experience. You can also let people directly share their stats through social media. 

All in all, integrating a user profile feature will make people using the app more engaged, thus spending more time on it.

3. Push Notifications 

Speaking of user engagement, having push notification is another important thing. It will constantly remind them to keep meditated and improve their progress. It’s a great way to make people stay connected with your app.

4. Appropriate Design

Getting in the mood for meditating is sometimes quite a difficult thing to do. So why not help people find their focus and quietness directly through the design of your app. Don’t make the screen too cluttered, use soothing colors and mild animations.

This will make your users feel calmer, more relaxed and focused. The perfect way to feel when you’re about to enter a meditation session.

5. Discover section 

This is basically another way to keep your users engaged. Create a menu where they can access the latest in the world of meditation. From new types of courses to news or you can even suggest some music that goes hand in hand with their session. 

This method serves as a good reason to open the app once more or to spend a bit more time on it.


With that being said, meditation apps are very helpful whether you’re fresh and want to take on this practice, or simply want to improve your sessions and be more efficient. Those were some key features that pretty much any meditation should have.

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