5 Facts About Artificial Intelligence That Prove Future is Exciting


Remember those vintage commercials from the 50s saying the future is now where companies advertise a color TV? They used the term for nothing, to be honest. The real future is about to hit us really soon. We’re talking this decade.

By the year 2030, artificial intelligence statistics say that our lives will be completely taken over by the artificially intelligent robots doing almost everything for us. At least this is the prediction. So what are some of the coolest and the most important breakthroughs to make our lives better? Follow up and see!

1. Everyone’s going to have a smart home

Even now, in the year 2020, more than 100 million Amazon Alexa devices were sold. The newest model of a smart speaker from Amazon, which Americans completely adore, is called Amazon Echo.

The Echo is powered by Artificial Intelligence designed by the company’s engineers, who obviously made it quite impressive. Around 54% of Americans who buy smart speakers for their home, choose some of the versions of Alexa Echo.

Having one in your home, being able to control the appliances from it, qualifies your home for the title – smart home. At the moment, around 25.5% of American homes carry this title.

2. Products are finding us instead of us looking for them

One of the best things AI does is digging through the endless data of the internet. More importantly, it can dig through the tons of user’s data on social networks, such as Course5 Intelligence can analyze data. AI bots discover almost every click we make on the internet. Based on this, they make an image of what we need.

Knowing this, they present us on our social media news feed what they think we’d value most. In the future, we can expect to buy based on what AI offers us instead of us going online and searching for information.

3. Medicine about to make us indestructible

At the moment, Google’s AI doctor-robot is capable of diagnosing cancer in 89% correction. This is way better than the best radiologist out there. Cancer is one of the diseases that have no cure and a reason for almost 10 million deaths in the US every year.

In the future, AI doctor-robots will be capable of detecting and treating all kinds of conditions, diseases, and illnesses with much higher precision and success.

4. Cars about to drive without a driver

Annoying Uber drivers? Not a thing of the future. The world is almost completely shifting from petrol to electric vehicles. Cars are about to become giant computers rolling on the streets. Even now, Google and other companies are experimenting with autonomous vehicles.

Very soon, all transportation will become autonomous. At the moment, the market is projected to be $54.23 billion. By 2026, this is expected to surpass half a trillion.

5. Shopping almost completely disappears

Amazon launched a new delivery system called Prime Air. Their idea is to deliver the items people buy from their page directly to their door in no more than 30 minutes. How? With drones driven by AI software. Sounds like a part of a sci-fi movie? It’s not. This is the reality in more American cities where Amazon has warehouses.


All these facts are based on already tested AI software. This is not a prediction but a reality. Knowing that all these things are very useful, it’s expected that they’re only going to grow more shaping the world we live in.

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