DIY Tips for A Vintage-Style Bedroom


Are you a creative individual with a creative soul who wants to express yourself through home improvement? Then why not go for a vintage-style bedroom?

They say your home is the structure that represents your identity as a person. That cannot be any truer, particularly for creative, artsy people. Home improvement isn’t just a want, its a need. You would want to look at your home as your sanctuary. A place where you can relax and do the things you wish to do. And one of, if not the best, place in the house to begin creating that atmosphere than your bedroom.

Decorating and remodeling a bedroom can be quite tricky. You don’t want to sacrifice function over style, but it should still be your go-to relaxation place, especially after a hectic day. The great thing is there are designs that can help you attain that perfect balance of vintage and functional.

Improve your bedroom old-school style! Here are DIY tips for a vintage-style bedroom.

Headboard with built-in reading lights

For people who grew up in rural areas and are now living in the city, take yourself back to those days by building a new headboard with a recycled twist. If you happen to have or know someone who has unused pieces of weathered wood, then you already have your materials.

A weathered headboard will give your bedroom a rustic focal point that can be accented in different ways. Go to the nearest hardware store in your area and purchase the reading lights that will be mounted on both sides of the headboard.

Rustic brass bed frame with a light color scheme

A brass bed gives your room a rustic charm that is enunciated by your wooden floor. Put cotton and lace fabrics throughout to add that light and airy feel. The mostly white-colored palette design with green accented bed frames is the source of the airiness.

Elegant vanity design

Your vanity corner of the room can be the secondary focal point next to the bed. Find a piece of furniture that can set the tone that you want. An elegant mirror can add the right touch to any vintage room. Be smart of the placing of your vanity as well. A good way to position an elegant mirror is to have a view of your window from looking at it.

Mini packing crate organizer

A two-in-one purpose for reusing. Use a mini packing crate to organize your stuff in your vanity area. This is both a decorative and functional idea that adds to the vintage look, which fits your “not sacrificing one over the other theme”. You can also fill the extra space in the crate with flowers placed on styrofoam.

Stacked luggage nightstand

Add patterns and some texture to your vintage bedroom by stacking luggage bags to make a nightstand. Apart from having the simplest and cleverest nightstand, you can also use the stacked luggage for storing items like blankets.

Pretty simple right? It’s always great to redecorate and re-purpose your home yourself, especially your bedroom. You don’t even have to make as much purchases with these tips as you would’ve probably thought. So get to work and get your new vintage-style bedroom.

Author’s Bio:

Rosette has a knack for anything DIY. She spent her younger years learning about the different hardware tools and equipment in the hopes of establishing a hardware business in the future. Her career options may have changed, but today, she continues to write so passionately about her first love.

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