Employee Satisfaction is Important: Here’s How to Improve It


There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and business success. Simply put, happy employees are more productive. While you clearly cannot satisfy everyone, it’s important to cultivate high morale so that the majority of employees feel good about their work. This includes embracing the values, mission and vision of the company. Many employers think employee satisfaction is primarily contingent upon salary. If that were true, there would be no dissatisfied highly paid executives. There’s a lot more to consider and the tips below shed light on the different ways to improve employee satisfaction.

Empower Employees

When employees are empowered to make decisions, they are likely to be more satisfied than if they feel micro-managed and powerless. This has nothing to do with salary. While employees should be well-compensated, they should also feel like their supervisor trusts them to make sound decisions. The idea of empowering employees is comprehensive and it can affect every area of a person’s job. For instance, some companies allow their employees to work as long or as little as necessary, as long as they’re able to get the job done. This won’t work for hourly employees, but it might be a good solution for your salaried employees. Similarly, all employees should be able to customize their workspace so that it feels like home, within reason.

Teach Time Management

When employees are pressured at work, they’re less likely to feel good about their job and employer. Strong time management skills can help to overcome this issue. Since learning how to manage your time is a process, it’s a good idea for employers to provide corporate training on the topic of time management. This type of training will have a high return on your investment because it can help to create a more productive work environment. You can also use technology to help with time management. For instance, technology used in payroll can expedite important functions, such as those related to payroll processing. This includes systems that help to generate pay stub information with optimal efficiency. Innovation in recent years has resulted in hassle-free ways for employers to produce pay data. Notably, training should be provided on how to use technology to better manage time.

Encourage Social Interactions

Human beings are social creatures and being able to socialize at work is important. Having a social component in the workplace can improve a person’s mood. This doesn’t mean employees should spend an hour socializing instead of getting their work done, but it does mean there should be events that enable teams to engage with each other. This can also improve the manner in which employees collaborate on projects. Social interactions that are most common in the workplace happen over lunch or coffee. Since people have to eat, it’s great to provide a space where it’s easy to have lunch and a conversation with a coworker. Another idea is implementing a volunteer program. This is something that can cause employees to feel good about their employer.

Promote Health and Wellness

Sometimes employees are not satisfied simply because they are unhappy with their life. This is something that cannot always be changed. However, by promoting overall health and wellness, you improve the chances of employees seeking the help they might need for dealing with stress or a mental health issue. It’s also worth noting that employees that are constantly stressed out are less productive because it can cause a long list of health issues. This includes chronic fatigue, weight gain and a lowered immune system.

The tips provided can help organizations improve employee satisfaction. Although it won’t happen overnight, it will happen if you’re consistent. A good manager will help the employees they manage with professional growth, which ultimately results in greater workplace satisfaction. This usually occurs by providing useful performance evaluations that spell out the strengths and opportunities for improvement. It’s also a good idea to inspire personal growth because all human beings have room for improvement.

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