7 Fresh Marketing Tips to Foster Business Growth in the Digital Space


As the influence of the web continues to grow across the globe, the importance of digital marketing is solidifying alongside it. There are multiple reasons digital marketing will be big in the next decade, the most prominent of which is the fact that people are spending most of their time on the internet.

And while Facebook and Instagram are seeing a declining trend in recent years, they will only be replaced by their rivals that are trying to snatch the throne. Put simply, digital marketing will only grow from here, especially with the continuing proliferation of the smartphone market and the impending spread of the 5G network.

So how can you, a business owner, take advantage of this advancement to foster the growth of your business in the digital space? Here are seven new tactics to try for your future online marketing campaign:

1. Sentiment Analysis

In a nutshell, sentiment analysis is where a business gathers data about what its customer is saying about its service and divide them into a positive or negative category. There are several types of sentiment analysis, as well as several ways the whole process works.

However, at the core of this strategy is one thing: machine learning. While this procedure isn’t exactly new, recent technological advancement has allowed marketers to tailor the approach to be more accurate.

What sentiment analysis provides is pin-pointing the negative aspects of your business that customers are voicing over the web. This helps businesses identify which negative aspect of its operation needs improvement and which ones should be kept as it is.

2. Micro-Moments

Micro-moments are defined as people’s desire to fulfill an intent in just a few seconds. These can range into anything, from acquiring information about a celebrity to deciding where to eat for lunch.

According to Google’s content marketing team, a consumer experience these micro-moments about 150 times a day on average. During this short period, consumers are more than likely to purchase a product or hire a service, an opportunity that businesses are trying to take advantage of.

Apps such as Booky, which provides useful information about nearby restaurants that consumers might be interested in, are just one of the few examples that can be cited. At the heart of this strategy are speed and value. Whoever can provide the quickest and most valuable information during these fleeting moments will be the one who will come out on top.

3. Position Zero

You may have noticed the little snippet of information on Google’s search result page when looking up something online. That right there is called position zero and has become the most coveted spot among marketers for obvious reasons.

Similar to winning the race in micro-moments, the best way to grab that coveted digital real estate is to offer value. Always try to provide the best information to your readers and optimize your content with keywords that aren’t generally used by bigger competitions.

4. Target Gen Z

Businesses are now trying to come up with ideas on how to earn the trust of Generation Z, which is poised to be the next group to enter the consumer market. Outdated marketing campaigns will not work on this new consumer class as they grew up bombarded with ads from companies that are looking to sell something and not much else.

To address this, alter your approach to show Gen Zers how your product will provide a positive experience for them. Be authentic with your approach. Provide a clear message that privacy is one of the foundations of your business. And show them that you’re responding to customer feedback.

5. Micro-influencers

Online marketers are moving away from major influencers and are starting to collaborate with their less popular kin. Considered as people who have a following between 1,000 to 100,000, micro-influences are those that are deemed as experts in their chosen niche.

The best thing about this group is that they drive more user engagement while being cost-effective compared to those with millions of following. It’s also been observed that as an influencer’s following rises, user engagement tends to drop.

Add the fact that due to their middling reputation, they are seen as peers by those who follow them. And it’s already been established that people tend to trust the recommendations of their peers compared to businesses that are putting a product forward.

6. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is now being used by marketers to provide a preview for customers that are looking for particular products. For instance, a hair salon might use AR and allow customers to upload their photos on their site to try out a haircut by overlaying the style on top of the submitted image.

This does not only increase user engagement but also provides the customer the chance to play with different variations, offering unique interactive content that can help drive up sales. Businesses in interior design, home improvement, clothing brands, and more can take advantage of this emerging strategy.

7. Personalization

Businesses are tailoring their approach to be more personalize-centered in an attempt to increase sales. Emails are now being segmented, user experience on sites is now based on their past behaviors, and ads are being created to connect more with the target audience.

Personalizing your approach creates a connection between your brand and customers, which can foster loyalty in the long term. Data, of course, will be at the center of your campaign. Collect information and behavioral patterns of your customers, then apply that to your approach.

Doing so will give your brand a face and identity rather than a plain business that’s only looking to drive up sales. Acquire this valuable information through surveys, user engagement, forum visits, and customer reviews.

Author Bio:

Ryan Gamilla have graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. He is working on Growth Rocket, a digital marketing agency. Writing is his way to share his knowledge about digital marketing and SEO. He can do his job while riding on his road bike.


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