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The UK’s best casinos online are those that offer a comprehensive “live casino” experience. These live rooms predominantly involve games of Roulette and Blackjack, with some kind of glamorous host at the helm.

First, let’s have a look at what the live Roulette world has to offer. In Live Quantum Roulette, you get the opportunity to liaise with a professionally trained croupier at live streamed tables which offer you the chance to interact and engage as if you were right there, in person, on the casino floor.

This game is a single-zero roulette game with a slight difference. Although the 37-segment system for number zero through to 36 is still used, it also includes its very own “Quantum Multipliers” that can enhance certain “straight up” positions randomly throughout each game round, increasing the potential payouts. A “straight up” bet is when the wager refers to a very direct bet; the player only needs one specific direct result to come in for them to earn a win.

Live Quantum Roulette plays out similarly to the conventional game of single-zero Roulette that we know and love. However, where it slightly differs is that certain “straight up” betting positions are enhanced with a Quantum Multiplier that replaces the usual payouts of these bets with bigger prizes. Although the game leaves you free to place whichever bets you like at the Live Quantum table, the only bets that are potentially enhanced by Quantum Multipliers are the individual straight up bets.

A random multiplier is credited to a random straight up bet before each spin of the wheel. If you happen to earn win then your wager will be multiplied by the figure shown – up to a maximum of 500X the original bet. It can be a great way to maximise your Roulette bankroll, provided that the ball lands in your favour.

Now let’s explore the online and live edition of Blackjack. Live Blackjack is a friendly edition of the much-loved gambling classic, simply packed up and projected onto a handy, universal, online platform. Much like the live Roulette, these streamed Blackjack games are hosted by professionally trained dealers, surrounded by a plush, casino-like studio that allows you to fully engage and be guided through the game. Much like the real-life games, the tables can only “seat” a certain amount of people. These eight-deck games can seat up to seven players at a time, although a “bet behind” facility is offered for those who do not want to wait for a free seat in the game.

The rules of the game are the same as any Blackjack game. The first player to reach 21 is the winner, and anyone that exceeds this sum therefore will automatically lose, regardless of whether or not Blackjack has been found yet. Where the game slightly differs is that players are allowed to split and double down on their hands, and also to accept insurance in order to guard themselves against the probability of the dealer having a Blackjack. Live Blackjack also rewards its players who are brave enough to wager on the various side bet options – Player’s pair, Dealer’s pair, Perfect pair, Coloured pair and Red/Black Pair. The Perfect Pair produces the biggest payout of the lot at 25:1, triggered only when the first two cards of your hand and the dealer’s match as the same suit.

You cannot argue against the fact that online live casinos offer players an extra level of excitement as the games play out in front of them, with so many added bonuses and moves up for grabs.

Grab your piece of the action and log on now!

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