Facing Cart Abandonment Issues in Your eCommerce Store? Try These 4 Clever Fixes


Most eCommerce sites have problems with customer cart abandonment. Is there any way to avoid this? Purchasing the wrong programs can be a culprit. Other issues involve customer journey theft and revenue damage. If your online customers are redirected from your site or have their shopping experience interrupted, you can lose business and money. Making your site easy to use and buy from without interruptions can be a problem that is difficult to identify and solve.

Find Out What The Cart Abandonment Rate Is

The first step in resolving cart abandonment issues is to do some homework and find out what the abandonment rate is. Then, find out the averages for this problem in your market. Compare that number to what you are suffering for your eCommerce site. Companies such as Sharp Commerce have help and information to improve your abandonment rate.

With this information, it’s easier to take steps to better your numbers with steps that improve your site, customer navigation and experience, and other aspects of your site. It will be worth hiring some experts to find problems and eliminate them. Choose a provider that has dedicated people for your internet area of commerce, such as Adwords, Facebook, and other social media.

Now, Get To Work To Improve

Some ways to improve your site and keep customers through a purchase involve quick response to customers who abandoned carts to get them back, assure customers their shopping experience is secure and do a complete checkout test regularly to make sure it is customer-friendly. Also, drop any bait-and-switch tactics or added hidden costs, as those types of things turn customers off.

In other words, improve your site to give customers a clear route to purchase without gimmicks or distractions. If your site is customer-friendly, more customers will stay at your site and complete the purchase experience.

Try These 4 Fixes

Succeeding online is not guaranteed. It takes work and smart strategies. There are 4 ways to improve your conversion rates and cut down on cart abandonment.

  1. Use an abandoned cart exit-offer of some type. It can involve coupon codes or free shipping offers. This needs to be coupled with improving the eCommerce site. Including testimonials to add credibility might help. Set up a user review system to find out why customers finalize a purchase or abandon their carts.
  2. Try setting up cross-sell and up-sell offers. This involves offers such as matching items related to the purchase or giving a deal on a higher-quality item or offering a bundled package at savings. In addition, the checkout process must include showing the total price, displaying the quantity of each item, including a mini image of each product, showing individual prices, and letting the customer view and edit their basket.
  3. Don’t force people to register as a member with an account. Instead, offer a guest purchase option. A lot of people do not want to give sites their information. Let people purchase as guests, then remind them of additional advantages gained by opening an account in the future.
  4. Spend a little money for paid advertising like Facebook ads. This has a learning curve, and you can use free online resources to help create effective campaigns.

Getting a better purchase rate with fewer abandoned carts comes down to putting more, better-informed effort into the site. Get professional help when needed, and treat customers right with the tools they need for an easy purchase. Gain customer trust and loyalty.

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