3 Home Office Renovations to Improve Productivity


Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. Getting to work in the comfort of your home, wearing whatever you please, and having privacy are among some of the benefits of getting to work from home. However, working from a familiar space can sometimes make it hard to focus and put you in a creative rut. Consider these four home office renovations to spruce up your space and promote productivity!

#1 Make the Space Bright

In order to promote creativity and productivity in your home office, use paint and furnishings to keep a bright and airy feel. Painting the walls a bright white, soft grey, or even a cheery light yellow will instantly help boost your mood upon walking into the room.

Use translucent airy curtains to help block out harsh sunlight while still allowing light to flow through your space. Allowing light in can drastically improve your mood while working from home. Feeling like you are close to the outdoors can be calming and make you feel like you aren’t stuck in a work cubicle with only harsh artificial light.

Throw away any rubbish generated to prevent cluttering up your space. Do not wait for it to overflow the bin as it will cause sloppiness and make the general environment of the workplace unfavourable. Therefore, you should also contact www.ewmdumpsterrental.com to place a dumpster outside your office/home so that every time the bin is full, you have a place to empty it

Look into ordering furnishings that create a light and airy feel. Keep furniture off the ground as much as possible by buying chairs, bookcases, and a desk with legs that prop the piece off the floor.

Buying art that helps incite creativity is hugely important for a home office. Find and buy a piece that speaks to your creative side or create your own custom canvas that brings you joy and sparks imagination.

#2 Make the Space Comfortable

If you work from home, you likely value working in comfort. Whether you enjoy wearing your pajamas all day, leaving your hair messy, or sitting cross-legged in your chair, comfortability is a priority for you. Make your space reflect this to make you want to enter it with intention each day.

Consider upgrading to a comfortable office chair that helps support your back while working all day long. Additionally, up the comfort level of your chair by adding a lower back massage pad to motivate you to keep going!

Another way of making your office comfortable is adding a bed to your space. As power naps are essential in improving productivity, having an area to rest close by will give you the energy you need to get your work done effectively. Consider a soft and comfortable memory foam mattress that will give you the quick power nap you need to get through your day productively.

#3 Make the Space Appealing to All of Your Senses

While updating the feel and comfortability of your space, don’t forget to appeal to not just your sight. Try using a diffuser with your favorite essential oils to help boost your mood and brainpower to help get your productivity up.

Additionally, think about investing in a sound system. Listening to music while working has a great effect on your overall mood and can put you in a better headspace to want to get your work done for the day. If you don’t like listening to music while you work, try listening to white noise or even podcasts to help pass the time and keep you motivated.

Improve Your Productivity at Home!

Making your space look and feel bright and airy is a great first step to making your at home office a place of productivity. Next, adding comfortable elements that give you the option to take a quick nap will increase your level of productivity drastically. And finally, adding scents and sounds to help boost your mood will put you in a great headspace to keep you on track to your goals.

Improve your productivity at home by making these three types of office renovations!

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