Online Slot Addiction Problems


Online slots are a lot of fun. There are so many different types to choose from, so many themes, colours, styles, ways to play… Plus there are dozens of websites that will give you the chance to play these online slots whenever and wherever you like. Many people enjoy them as a means of relaxing, and others find that it’s a great hobby to take up to keep them occupied – get your bonus now at mega

However, although most people are able to control their gambling and enjoy online slots in a responsible way, there can be problems. Online slot addiction is a real issue, and for those with addictive personalities or who have depression or other mental conditions, it can easily take over. Chasing a loss and hoping for a win can soon mean that all your money is lost.

Why Do Gambling Addictions Occur?

In most cases, a gambling addiction will begin when someone loses. They might lose a lot of money in one go, or perhaps a little money over a long period of time. Either way, it is the act of trying to chase after that money and win it all back (plus a profit, ideally) that turns what should be a fun, harmless hobby into an addiction that ruins lives.

The cycle of attempting to win back what was lost will continue even when there is no money left to use. The addicted gambler will borrow money from friends and family, apply for credit cards, take out loans, even sell their possessions in order to have another shot at that big win.

Although this is the most common form of gambling addiction, for some it’s not about the money and it makes no difference whether they win or lose. For these people it is the thrill of the game that gives them a ‘high’ and it is this high that they chase over and over again.

There are many elements that can contribute to an addiction to gambling. These might be:

  •       A need for money (which only increases over time)
  •       The social status of being a ‘professional’ gambler
  •       The thrill of playing
  •       The atmosphere of the gambling scene

The Signs Of A Gambling Addiction

If you are worried that a loved one has a gambling addiction, or you think that perhaps your enjoyment of online slots has become tainted through addiction, there are some signs to look out for.

The first is being secretive about playing online slots. If someone hides what they are doing on their laptop or phone (or it is you doing the hiding) and won’t tell you what they have been doing, or simply seem secretive when they used to be open, they might have a gambling problem.

You might spot that they have a gambling problem through other means rather than online slots. Perhaps they are buying more Lotto tickets than normal, or going into the bookmakers when they would have steered clear before.

Are they complaining about a lack of funds and then spending money on an online casino? This could be a sign of addiction; knowing that you have no money but gambling anyway shows a lack of control which only becomes worse over time.

There are emotion signs too. The addicted online slot player might become withdrawn and depressed, even anxious. They might be more stressed than usual, or perhaps express suicidal thoughts.

Getting Help

For anyone with a gambling addiction, getting help has to be the next step. They won’t be able to accept this help until they are ready, however, and this can be a hard waiting game for loved ones.

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