3 Unique Venues for Business Conferences


There are more than 250 convention centers that businesses utilize in the United States. 

Convention centers have become a normal venue for business conferences, and the trend is beginning to fade. 

Instead of going with a traditional conference venue, why not choose something that will be more memorable? 

Continue reading to discover some of the best and most unique venues for your next business conference! 

1. Museums

One of the most unique venues where you can host your conference is in a museum. 

Art museums are most commonly used for corporate and business conferences. Science and history museums can be just as excellent as an option. 

Many people choose museums as a venue because they are already filled with attractive pieces that will get people talking. The entire point of a conference is to bring everyone in the industry together to talk about trends and innovations. You can network in museums and many of them have cafe space.

Depending on the museum that you choose, they may have in-house catering options. This is a low-maintenance option for conferences and won’t give you as many details to take care of.  

2. Rooftop Clubs and Restaurants 

Another venue that will impress your guests is a rooftop.

Many rooftop clubs are empty during the day but they still offer a great space to network and meet. Some hotels and restaurants also have rooftop space that can be reserved for large groups.

With a rooftop venue, your guests will have a picture-perfect view that will bring everyone together. There are several catering options for rooftop venues, depending on where you go. 

A current trend for rooftop dining is plant-based dining. Farm to table dinners can be engaging and delicious. 

3. Farmhouses With a Barn 

Are you looking to book your next conference at a more rustic venue with a lot of potentials? 

Hosting a business conference at a farmhouse or barn can help set the mood for togetherness and communication. You can easily fill the space with rustic tables and chairs that will complete the scenery of the room.

Farmhouses are currently trending in the business and fashion world. They offer a warm atmosphere that guests will feel comfortable in. You can get catering, pop-up restaurants, or food trucks to take care of dining needs. 

The best part about holding a conference in a barn is that there is endless potential. Don’t forget to include entertainment, maybe the band can play up in a loft? Check out your local options for beautiful farmhouse venues. 

These Unique Venues Will Impress Guests 

If you have gone to a business conference, chances are, it was held at a convention hall.

Convention halls are excellent and traditional options. If you are looking for unique venues, however, this guide can help. If you want a more sophisticated venue, a museum is perfect. A farmhouse or barn area can offer a more intimate setting that will help draw people together. 

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